Intern Conversion, 2021

Friday, June 03, 2022

Brittany Bui was an MBA Marketing Intern in the Summer of 2021. She brought her rockstar abilities to the OREO Cakesters team, and truly made an impact on the launch strategy for the convenience channel.

The NYU Stern MBA Student shares with us her most memorable experiences working at Mondelēz International:

What was your overall Internship experience here at Mondelēz International?

Overall, I really enjoyed my internship at Mondelēz. Prior to NYU Stern, I worked in finance for over four years, so pivoting to Brand Management in the CPG space was a big change. In the short ten weeks, learning about the function and all the responsibilities it encompassed solidified that I made the right choice. I enjoyed how comprehensive the function was and learned what the innovation, commercial, and equity teams were responsible for. I am so passionate about food, so it was so much fun being able to talk about food every day. I am also very interested in sustainability, agriculture, and supply chain, and my manager allowed me to explore my interests and talk to different teams within the company to grow my knowledge. It was exciting and fun going to work every day, which is exactly what I was looking for in my next career.

How did this internship help you grow professionally, and what major learnings and/or skills were gained throughout the experience?

Having worked under the same manager for four years, it was a great experience to be managed by someone with a completely different management style. My manager provided me with a lot more space and room to grow on my own, and it allowed me to explore and take more initiative. In terms of skills, I learned how to navigate Nielsen and use other programs to find data. I also learned how continuously iterate to create a perfect PowerPoint presentation. I never needed to convey a story through my power points in my previous job, so storytelling was definitely a new skill I learned.

Can you tell us about your favorite project this Summer during your internship, and why?

My project over the summer was to create a comprehensive launch strategy for OREO Cakesters in the convenience channel. I really loved this project because it allowed me to dive deep into data as well as create fun and creative activations and launch ideas. Through this project, I became comfortable using Nielsen and working with the insights team to understand the consumer, category, and channel on a very intimate level. I also had to work with various stakeholders, which allowed me to understand different parts of the business from distribution to sales. I think the most beneficial aspect of the project was forcing me to learn how to create beautiful slides that told a story with a strong voice, which is a skill I know I will continuously need in my career.

Looking back at all the internship programming, what was your favorite internship event this Summer and why?

My favorite internship event this Summer was the happy hour in West Village. All of our happy hours and events were on zoom prior, so it was nice to be able to meet people in person. It was great to see everyone’s relationship with each other and how close the different brand teams were despite everyone working almost entirely from home.

Why did you decide to accept a full-time offer with Mondelēz International?

I decided to accept a full-time offer at Mondelēz because I really enjoyed the company, brands, and function. I came to business school with a very specific career trajectory, and Mondelez has a best-in-class Brand Management track. Aside from the job itself, I loved the culture and people I worked with, and it was a fun and energetic environment to be in. I am so sad our MBA program is coming to an end, but excited to start working at Mondelēz!

Brittany returned to Mondelēz International in a full-time capacity as a Senior Associate Brand Manager for our Jewels portfolio.