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Mindful Snacking and Portion Control

We want to help consumers easily enjoy the right snacks throughout their day, and inspire them to snack mindfully so they can savor and feel good about each and every snack. A major part of our commitment to Mindful Snacking comes to life in our focus on portion control pack formats.

We are big fans of Mindful Snacking because it’s relevant as more and more people are using mindfulness for well-being and balance, it’s sustainable as mindful eating can be practiced by anyone, anywhere and by all ages and it’s effective as research shows multiple benefits of mindful eating.

Up to 100% of our net revenue through Mindful Portion Snacks, those in either individually wrapped mindful portion serving sizes or with mindful portion labeling on pack1


On track

  1. This goal is new and combines and replaces historical goals relating to Portion Control Snacks and snacks with Snack Mindfully portion icon on pack. This goal measures the percentage of net revenue that comes from products that are either individually wrapped mindful portion serving sizes (<200 calories) or have a mindful portion label/information on pack. This information includes biscuits and baked snacks, chocolate, and candy, and does not include Halls products, semi-final products not sold to consumers, bulk products for wholesale, beverages, meals, gums, seasonal or festive products, licensing/royalty revenue, private label products and products with small printable areas.

• Any numbers expressed in percentages are approximate.

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    Mindful Snacking

    So what do we mean by mindful snacking? It is about eating with intention and attention, focusing on the present moment, and savoring how the food tastes so you really enjoy it. In short, it’s about making the most of snacking in-the-moment. This has never been more important, given that we are all snacking more often.

    Snacking mindfully involves a few simple steps that add up to real all-around enjoyment:

    • Minimize distractions
    • Portion out your snack
    • Focus on the smell and taste
    • Notice the textures
    • Chew thoroughly
    • Finish one bite before starting the next

    We are placing the Snack Mindfully portion icon on all packs, for all snacks, globally by 2025. We established this goal in 2019 and aligned our approach globally to begin activation in 2020.

    We also plan to invest in a digital consumer education campaign to reach even more people with practical tips and tools to help them snack mindfully.

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    Portion Control

    We have an expanding range of portion control options – snacks that are 200 calories or less and are individually wrapped. Individually wrapped products enable people to enjoy the snacks they love, become more mindful when they eat, and help manage their calories.

    We are mindful of balancing our growth in portion control with our aim to reducing waste and plastic packaging. We focus on optimizing and reducing packaging as well as using post-consumer materials wherever possible and enabling recycling.

    As well as expanding our portion control options, we aim to place portion guidance on all packs, for all snacks, globally by 2025.