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Introduced: 1998

All around the world, many people skip breakfast because they feel too pressed for time, even though they know how important a nutritious breakfast can be. That’s why we developed belVita Breakfast Biscuits! Our belVita Breakfast are nutritious, taste great, provide sustained energy for the whole morning and can be enjoyed on-the-go.Our belVita Breakfast Biscuits are delicious and especially designed for breakfast. Try them with a fruit, a yogurt and a hot beverage: a delicious and balanced breakfast.

Quick Facts

50+ countries

belVita biscuits are available in more than 20 varieties in over 50 countries

4 hours of nutritious energy

belVita uses a combination of grains that are baked to fuel the body throughout the morning

9 billion

every year, over 9 billion belVita biscuits are made


2 boxes of belvita snacks in French packaging. 1 chocolate flavor, 1 vanilla flavor.


Launches in France as LU Petit Déjeuner

"Woman and man smiling while eating snack. "


Expands to 7 European countries