About Us

We are one of the largest snacking companies in Canada with delicious household favourites including Cadbury, Oreo, Christie and Maynards.

Our brands are iconic, occupying many of the number one, two or three spots across their categories; and our makers and bakers have the enviable job of inventing and making chocolate, cookies, crackers and candy across our iconic Ontario manufacturing facilities and sites. We are a business that has set ambitious targets for growth, with around $250 million being invested into our Ontario-based manufacturing facilities in the last few years alone; we are leading marketing campaigns with innovations such as Cadbury Dark Milk and Oreo flavours, including Birthday Cake and Peppermint Bark. Our community of over 2,683 employees is based across Canada, with our head office in Toronto.

What makes our workplace great is passion and personality. We expect people to be themselves, speak up, and embrace our diversity as our strength. We’re mindful of the space and time you need to work flexibly, and the importance of trust and empathy in promoting a strong sense of belonging.

Office Locations

  • Hamilton office building


    Hamilton Plant

    45 Ewen Road
    Hamilton, Ontario
    L8S 3C3

    We manufacture Maynards Wine Gums, Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish and Swedish Berries in our Hamilton plant. We are the largest volume producer of starch molding products in the Mondelēz International network. In 2009, we were awarded Outstanding Business Achievement by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce in the category of Manufacturing & Export Excellence.

    Fun facts: In 1964-Jaret/Malaco imported confections from Sweden for North America distribution. In 1978-M&A acquired 45 Ewen Rd & the Sour Patch Kids brand was developed. And, in 1991, Allan Candy purchased M&A. In 1995, Cadbury-Schweppes purchased Allan Candy (TAI). And in 2010, Kraft Foods purchased Cadbury. Finally, in 2012, Hamilton plant proudly joined the Mondelēz International family.

  • Gladstone factory team member



    277 Gladstone Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario
    M6J 3L9

    At our Gladstone plant in Toronto, we produce some of our world-famous chocolates such as Caramilk, Dairy Milk, Mr. Big, Wunderbar, Cadbury Creme Egg, Cadbury Mini-Eggs, and Cadbury Fruit & Nut.

    Fun facts: Constructed in 1904, the plant sits on a residential street just west of downtown Toronto. The nearest neighbour is 6 inches away! In 1987, William Neilson Ltd. purchased assets of Cadbury Canada Ltd., and in 2003 Cadbury Trebor Allan Inc. & Adams Canada merged into Cadbury Adams Canada. In 2010, Kraft Foods purchased Cadbury and in 2012, the Gladstone plant proudly became part of the Mondelēz International family.

  • Scarborough factory

    Scarborough Bakery

    Scarborough Bakery

    370 Progress Avenue
    Scarborough, Ontario
    M1P 2Z4

    Scarborough Bakery, more commonly known as “Dad’s Cookies,” is located in the vibrant municipality of Scarborough, Ontario. We manufacture many beloved gems, including Dad’s Oatmeal Cookies, Oreo Peanut Butter Pie, and Fudge-Covered Mint Oreo. The Dad’s Cookies franchise was established in 1920 in California, with a Toronto location established in 1924. The current Scarborough location was built in 1966. Our workforce of approximately 330 employees at the Scarborough Bakery work hard to create the perfect snack for moments that matter.  Many of our employees are second generation employees, which makes for a close-knit team and a place many of us call home.

  • East York team member

    East York Bakery

    East York Bakery

    5, Bermondsey Road
    East York, Ontario
    M4B 2T7

    East York bakery is the largest Mondelēz bakery in terms of volume (in lbs.) in Canada. It is here that we manufacture products under the Peek Freans brand, as well as a number of different products that support the North American Oreo network. We support three business units- Canada, US Snacks & Confectionary and US Foodservice.

    Fun facts: We celebrated our 70th anniversary in 2019. The bourbon creme cookie that goes into our Assorted Creme package is the oldest mass-produced sandwich cookie in the world (it pre-dates Oreo!). The name of the street that out plant is on (Bermondsey) is named after the town of Bermondsey in England where the original Peek Freans factory was located.


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