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About Us

We are proud to be the home of Cadbury in Ireland. We have been making chocolate in Ireland since 1933 when the first Cadbury factory opened in Ossory Road, Dublin.

We have a skilled and dedicated team of people in Ireland, split across our sites in Coolock and Rathmore, and spanning across functions including Manufacturing, Sales, Customer Service & Logistics, Marketing, Finance, and more!

We are committed to the communities where we operate and we’re proud to be a part of them. Last year we invested over £7 million in our UK and Ireland communities through cash, gifts in kind, and employee time. In Ireland, we work with a number of charities and organisations in the local community, both with our brands and through colleague-led initiatives.

Office Locations

  • Coolock-office



    Coolock opened in 1956 and is still home to our Ireland Commercial offices as well as a manufacturing plant which makes finished chocolate products.

    The business has manufactured Cadbury Dairy Milk in Ireland since 1933, following the establishment of the first Cadbury factory in Dublin, Ossory Road in 1932. In 1956, the current factory in Coolock, north Dublin was established. The main brands produced in Coolock include Cadbury Dairy Milk including the uniquely Irish ‘8 Square’ varieties, as well as Starbar, Twirl, Flake and more!

    Today, our Coolock site offers the opportunity to join our teams in Manufacturing, as well as in our Commercial & Corporate functions – from Sales and Marketing, to Finance, Customer Service & Logistics, and more!

  • Rathmore Office



    Rathmore manufactures chocolate crumb, the base ingredient for all finished chocolate products. Established in 1948, the factory is located, on the banks of the River Blackwater in Rathmore, Co Kerry, in the South West of Ireland. The site is in the heart of dairy pastures from where we source approx. 80 million litres of fresh Irish milk annually for use in chocolate crumb.

    The Rathmore site produces a dry chocolate crumb which is supplied to the Coolock plant for further processing into finished chocolate products, as well as exported overseas.

    If you’re interested in a career in Manufacturing, Rathmore offers an opportunity to gain great experiences on a small site.