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About Us

Mondelēz International has strong roots in Belgium and the Netherlands. You may know us better via our brands, e.g. Côte d'Or, LU, Milka, Philadelphia, TUC or LiGA. We have been active in the Benelux region since 1870, which is the home of iconic brands such as TUC, Prince, LiGA and Côte d'Or. In Belgium, Mondelēz International is market leader in chocolate, biscuits and cream cheese, and active in chewing gum. In the Netherlands, the company is market leader in biscuits and cream cheese, has a number 2 position in chocolate and is also active in chewing gum.

Mondelēz International employs about 2,000 people in the Benelux and has production facilities in Herentals and Namur, in addition to its commercial headquarters in Mechelen (Belgium) and Breda (Netherlands).

Our global ambition is to "Empower people to snack right": give everyone the opportunity to snack mindfully. Our mission is to lead the future of snacking in our local markets, and worldwide, by offering our consumers the right snack, at the right time, and made in the right way.

Sustainable ingredients and our environmental impact

From sourcing ingredients responsibly to using natural resources efficiently or making them renewable, from ensuring human rights to promoting the safety of our employees and consumers - we want to make our snacks in an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable way.

Cocoa is the key ingredient in our chocolate. Mondelēz International launched the Cocoa Life program in 2012 to address the complex challenges faced by cocoa farming communities and to ensure the sustainable cultivation of cocoa. By the end of 2021, the Cocoa Life program has reached 209,954 cocoa growers in 2,597 communities. In 2021, 75% of the cocoa volume for chocolate brands is sourced through Cocoa Life, including 100% for our much-loved chocolate brands such as Côte d’Or, Milka and Toblerone. More information at www.cocoalife.org.

Wheat is the primary ingredient in our biscuits. At Mondelēz International, we work with local farmers on the Harmony program for sustainable wheat farming. The program takes care of soil quality, reduces CO2 emissions, helps save water and protects and promotes local biodiversity. In Belgium, we partner with over 130 farmers, and we can count on the advice of Natuurpunt on local biodiversity. In 2021, 55,830 hectares of Harmony wheat was sowed in Europe, of which 1400 hectares in Belgium. This wheat is used for biscuits made in our factory in Herentals (TUC, Prince, LiGA, Pim's, ...). More info on www.harmony.info.

Make it @MDLZ

We spend a large part of our day together with our colleagues, so a good working environment and company culture are of great importance. As a company, we offer flexible working hours and a good work-life balance. And because growing and developing yourself is also necessary, we offer numerous growth opportunities, ranging from on-the-job training to cross-functional career opportunities and access to a whole range of training courses. We work in an international environment, but have a strong local focus in all our locations, supported by many initiatives. We are committed to creating and sustaining a work environment where differences are valued and everyone can be themselves. We strive to attract, develop and nurture talent wherever it is present.

In short, to all biscuits and chocolate lovers, cream cheese fans or gum chewers: are you interested in a delicious and dynamic job, at a place where work-life balance is important, in an international environment, surrounded by the best colleagues?

Find out more about who we are and apply now to help create the future of snacking!

Our Offices and Plants

  • Mechelen office exterior


    Address: Stationsstraat 100, 2800 Mechelen

    Our Mondelez Belgium headquarter is located in Mechelen, between Antwerp and Brussels, close to the train station. Colleagues from various centralized departments work here, including HR, Management, Finance, Corporate & Legal Affairs, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service & Logistics, Category Planning, Procurement, Information Systems, ..In total, 250 colleagues work in Mechelen, including the Sales Field team that represents us in the Belgian retail stores.

  • Breda office


    Address: Verlengde Poolseweg 34, 4818 CL Breda

    In the Netherlands, Mondelēz International is primarily represented from Breda by a marketing and sales organization. This includes all departments that work specifically for the Dutch market, such as Sales, Customer Service & Logistics, Trade Marketing and Marketing. In total, more than 100 employees work in Breda, including the Sales Field team that represents our brands in the Dutch stores. This Sales Field team is mostly on the road and plays an important role in implementing our promotional plans in-store.

  • Herentals


    Chocolate plant HERENTALS
    Address: Montezumalaan 1, 2200 Herentals

    Our chocolate factory in Herentals employs more than 230 people who produce more than 27,000 tons of chocolate annually for over 20 different products. The factory has 6 production lines where Côte d'Or and Milka products are made including LEO, Melo Cakes, Côte d'Or chocolate bars, as well as the Côte d'Or Fantastic Friends chocolates, launched in 2021. In addition, the Milka Easter eggs for the whole of Europe are also produced here. The chocolate factory in Herentals produced no less than 2869 tons of eggs for the 2022 Easter season, which amounts to some 346 million chocolate eggs.

    Do you have a passion for chocolate and are you looking for a job as an operator or technician? Send your motivation and CV to  jobsherentals@mdlz.com!

    Biscuit plant HERENTALSAddress: De Beukelaer-Pareinlaan 1 - 2200 HERENTALS

    More than 960 employees work in our biscuit plant in Herentals. Today the factory has 10 production lines and produces about 70,000 tons of biscuits, which is good for no less than 1.6 million biscuits per hour! This makes the biscuit plant in Herentals one of the largest biscuit factories in Europe. Do you have a pack of Prince, TUC, LiGA, Pim's or Bastogne biscuits in your kitchen cupboard? Then chances are they were made in Herentals. Quality and safety are one of the most important focus points in our manufacturing environment. Moreover, every month we nominate a HERO, a colleague who has gone the extra mile in the field of safety that month.

    Do you have a passion for biscuits and are you looking for a job as an operator or technician? Or are you interested to start your job at our warehouse? Send your motivation and CV to jobsherentals@mdlz.com!

  • Namur


    Address: Nouvelle Route de Suarlee (RH) 6 - 5020 TEMPLOUX

    Our cheese and snack production facility in Namur employs more than 400 people, producing approximately 42,000 tons of cheese and snacks annually. The plant offers more than 80 product variations to the European market. Most of the production is intended for export within Europe. For example, we supply Dairylea and Lunchables to the United Kingdom, Sottilette to Italy and El Caserio cheese to Spain. Our Belgian consumers can enjoy the creamy ZIZ cheese that we produce in Namur.

    Do you have a passion for cheese and are you looking for a job as an operator or technician? Send your motivation and CV to jobsnamur@mdlz.com.

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