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Meet Travis McConnell, District Manager

"...the M2A program has prepared me for future opportunities by enhancing my presentation skills as well as my networking skills. The relationships that the program has helped me grow have been super beneficial for my career and future opportunities."

Travis McConnell, District Manager

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Travis McConnell, currently a Retail Merchandising Supervisor, shares his transformative journey and invaluable experiences during his tenure in the M2A Apprenticeship Program.

What initially attracted you to apply for the Apprenticeship Program here at Mondelēz International?

What attracted me to the M2A program was the opportunity to learn about different sides of the business so I could really immerse myself to all the opportunities available within Mondelēz International. Coming from the retail side of the business, it was really eye opening to see all the different roles and opportunities in other areas of the company.

Could you describe the projects or initiatives you worked on during the program? Which one was the most impactful for you and why?

The main initiative and goal of my project was to make something tangible that could really help people grow and develop careers at Mondelēz. When coming up with the project scope, I wanted to make sure that I would be working on something that would go past just a presentation, but something that could be used moving forward to help develop our leaders.

How did the Apprenticeship Program contribute to your professional growth and skill development?

The M2A apprenticeship program contributed to my growth and development by helping me grow out of my comfort zone and gain the confidence to present my topic to multiple people in different roles and areas of the business.

Travis McConnell

How would you describe the support and mentorship you received during the apprenticeship? Did it contribute significantly to your experience?

This experience has impacted my career path immensely by connecting me with a mentor that has really helped me invest in myself and my want to grow my career. Having a mentor on a different side of the business has really been eye opening to see everything that goes into different roles and how many opportunities that Mondelēz provides.

How do you think your participation in the program has prepared you for future opportunities within Mondelēz?

It’s very exciting to see how much we do here as a Company and what we get involved in, and we are always looking for ways to do things better. I feel proud that our brands can hold their own with such powerful partnerships. Our volunteer days are a great way to give back to local communities, while also spending time with our team and other teams, which is a great team bonding experience.