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With consumers always top of mind, we focus our time and attention on understanding how they live, shop, and of course - snack!

Investing in Research and Development
At Mondelēz International, we're obsessed by understanding consumer needs and delivering snacks with consistent quality and taste. We’re investing in a global network of technical centers to research and support our growth while continuously innovating our processes. 

  • 2,400 scientists, chemists and engineers work throughout the world on research and development opportunities
  • 11 key research and development centers worldwide lead our innovation efforts


We created SnackFutures, an independent innovation and venture hub, to disrupt the snacking industry. SnackFutures plays a critical role in advancing our mission to lead the future of snacking around the globe as it unleashes new ideas under three core tenets: invention, reinvention and venture.


We’re inventing new brands, categories and businesses in key strategic areas.


We’re incubating and repositioning our existing brands with forward-thinking ideas to discover their full potential.


We’re investing in emerging brands and early stage entrepreneurs to unlock growth opportunities.

Fostering an agile approach to innovation

We focus on speed and agility to perfect our processes. In order to react faster to the marketplace, our local teams and brands have the ability to drive their own operations to meet the needs of their consumers nearby. Part of our process includes a test-and-learn concept where we try new ideas and if they are successful, roll them into other areas of the business.