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Mondelēz International is a multinational confectionary, food and beverage company that has been making treats in the UK for nearly two hundred years. Home to some of the most iconic brands including Cadbury, Maynard’s Bassetts, Philadelphia and Ritz, our vast portfolio of products are loved and trusted by millions of households across the UK. We empower people to snack right in over 150 countries around the world and lead the future of snacking by offering the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way.

The UK business began in the early 19th century with the opening of a modest grocer’s shop in Birmingham. In 1824, at the age of 22, John Cadbury founded his business under the family name, a shrewd businessman — but also a philanthropist who believed businesses had a duty to nurture the community.

200 years on, we’re still motivated by the same values, evident in the significant impact we have on the economy and communities in the UK. We employ over 4,000 colleagues across our nine sites which include six factories, three R&D sites of which two are global research hubs; every new chocolate product we make in 150 countries starts its life in Bournville.

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  • Group of Bourneville employees arm in arm



    Bournville is the birthplace of chocolate, the home of Cadbury, which has been providing treats for people since 1879.

    Whether you’re looking for a hands-on manufacturing role or a management opportunity, you could be part of the team that uses advanced techniques to produce thousands of delicious Cadbury chocolate products every day. In fact, each year we produce around 47 million Easter eggs, more than 300 million bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk and around 300 million Cadbury Creme Eggs.

    Or you could be coming up with the next big thing in chocolate as part of our Research, Development & Quality (RD&Q) team.

    We also have a Commercial Office at Bournville, where a wide range of professionals pool their talents to support the ongoing growth of the business. Or you could be part of Mondelēz International Business Services (IBS), a global organization that’s simplifying and standardizing how we work around the world and – in Bournville – includes a center for employee services.

    Early career roles available: Engineering, Research & Development, Supply Chain, HR (People), Finance, Mondelez Digital Services (MDS), Communications.

  • Mondelez Uxbridge employee sittin in front of mural of a person with Mondelez treats



    Another main commercial hub in the UK is in Uxbridge, West London, which is easily accessible by two Tube lines from the center of the capital. The office is appropriately called Cadbury House and here you could develop your career in a number of functions ranging from eCommerce to Finance, Marketing to Sales.

    Uxbridge offers a friendly and welcoming work environment. It’s all open plan here, which encourages collaborative working and helps people meet in everyday situations and understand each other’s roles.

    Early career roles available: Sales, Marketing

  • Sheffield location



    Founded in 1842, our site in Sheffield Sheffield, makes iconic brands like Liquorice Allsorts, Maynard Bassetts, Jelly Babies and Trebor Mints. It is our biggest confectionary site in Europe producing over 40,000 tonnes of Gum and Candy per year.

    The site has a long heritage but uses the most advanced techniques to make Maynard Bassett sweets and Trebor mints, which have been enjoyed for generations.

    If you’re interested in a career in manufacturing, Sheffield offers a host of opportunities at all levels.

    Early career roles available: Engineering

  • Reading building in UK



    Situated in the green and open Reading University Campus are the main laboratories of the Reading Science Centre, with the neighbouring historic market town of Wokingham hosting a smaller but newer set of labs.

    Much of the site is home to Reading Scientific Services Limited (RSSL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Mondelēz International that acts as a contract research organisation for the food and pharmaceutical industries, though you'll find a handful of scientists working for Mondelez RDQ here too. Utilising cutting-edge facilities and techniques, we research and test new and improved products, validate medicines and solve scientific investigations for projects around the world.

    Opportunities cover a broad range of hands-on scientific disciplines. RSSL also has a fantastic array of non-scientific staff including its commercial teams, facilities, IT and more.

    Early career roles available: R&D, Reading Scientific Services (RSSL)

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