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25 powerful trends shaping the future of food and snacking within the next decade.

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  • Snacking Trend Radar contains a selection of consumer-related trends that are a subset of a more comprehensive Mondelēz Trend Framework created and used within the company. The Mondelēz Foresight team, along with its strategic partners, believe these trends could have a noticeable impact on the food and snacking industry and help shape its future. Together, the Foresight team and its partners completed a trends prioritization and evaluation exercise with the outcomes displayed on this Radar.

  • The Mondelēz Snacking Trend Radar contains five macro trends that visually divide the radar into five segments. Each macro trend segment contains five individual trends represented by a circular icon. The size of the circle indicates the impact each trend could have on the future of food and snacking based on our insights: from medium to very strong. The position of each circle along its axis shows the projected time to material impact on food and snacking, and divides the radar into three circular areas:

    • Near-term impact area contains trends that already have material impact or are projected to reach it within the next five years;

    • Mid-term impact area with trends that we believe will reach material impact in five to ten years;

    • Longer-term impact area with trends that we believe will have material impact beyond this decade.

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