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Introduced: 2012

Hu is a fast-growing US-based snacking company offering high-quality snacks made from simple ingredients. Hu, which comes from the phrase “Get Back to Human,” is a purpose-led lifestyle brand with a devoted fan base. Founded in 2012 as a family business by Jason H. Karp and siblings Jordan Brown and Jessica (Brown) Karp, Hu began as Hu Kitchen in New York City, a high-end restaurant and market focused on delicious foods with simple, real ingredients. The company went on to expand its award-winning vegan and paleo-friendly chocolate bars, which follow a strict set of Ultrasimple™ ingredient guardrails and sourcing practices.Hu's chocolate was inspired by the paleo movement and developed by the founding family. The brand has become a category leader in premium chocolate in the United States, and one of the fastest-growing confectionery brands in the natural channel. Recently, Hu has broadened its offerings to include premium, grain-free crackers and begun scaling its distribution to grocery stores nationwide.

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