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Unlocking Opportunities, Navigating the Path from Intern to Full Time Employee

Jenna, Maahi and Rae’gan went through the internship in Mondelēz International and then converted to full time employees. They tell us about their experience growing as interns and what made them decide to pursue a career in our company.

Monday, May 6, 2024

Jenna Murphy, Lead DSD Operations

Maahi Patel, Financial Leadership Development Associate

Rae'gan Burton, Process Engineer

Tell us about your overall internship experience at Mondelēz International. What did you enjoy about it?

Jenna: My overall internship experience was a wonderful experience where I was able to form great meaningful connections with others, learn more about some of my favorite brands, and dive deeper into my knowledge of supply chain (specifically in a warehouse setting). The thing I enjoyed most about my internship was the amount of hands-on experience that my team encouraged me to have. I was able to truly make a difference in the distribution process of MDLZ products. What made it even more exciting is that I was able to walk around groceries stores and know that I directly played an important role in getting my favorite brands on the shelves.

Maahi: I really enjoyed my internship at MDLZ, especially having the opportunity to share this experience with other interns and get to work on projects and initiatives that help move the company forwards. I learned so much from the amazing team members and senior managers and found that the open and collaborative environment really enabled me to grow and develop both my professional and personal skills. I also enjoyed the chance to travel and meet new people and build up a network of contacts that will help me in my career journey.

Rae’gan: I had an amazing time interning at the Richmond Bakery during my summer internship! I really enjoyed the hands-on experience of working with the production team and applying my knowledge in food and bioprocessing engineering to real-world scenarios to deliver some of the world's favorite snacks. I learned a lot about the manufacturing process, as well as the importance of teamwork and collaboration. I developed strong relationships with the other interns and the bakery staff, which made the experience even more enjoyable. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with MDLZ and l am extremely grateful that I was blessed with the opportunity to return full time.

At the end of your internship, you received a full-time offer to join the company. What do you think were the factors in that decision? What did you bring to the table to ensure you successfully landed an offer?

Jenna: I think the decision to extend me a full-time offer with the company stems from my work ethic, willingness to learn, and people management skills. I fully believe that you get out what you put in, so I put hard work into my internship. I showed that I gave my all, was a team player, and valued any learning I got. With my MDLZ internship, I learned much more than warehouse supply chain. I got to practice networking with people from all different departments in the company and communicating with people from different backgrounds and cultures, which gave me the opportunity to see how I meshed with the company culture.

Maahi: I think some factors in receiving a full-time offer could have been interacting with my team and completing my project at the end of the summer. I think I have a growth mindset which I carry over when I meet new people or start working on new tasks. I am also curious and ask questions to understand the task at hand and how I can best contribute. I believe these qualities helped me during my internship and made me stand out in my role. Additionally, I think I was able to show that I was a team player and willing to take on new challenges, which I think is important for any job.

Rae’gan: I think that the biggest factor that helped me successfully land a full-time offer was my eagerness and willingness to learn. Throughout my internship, I consistently asked questions and actively sought out new opportunities to learn and expand my skill set. I was always very dedicated to putting my best foot forward in all tasks no matter the size of the challenge. Additionally, I think that my openness to working with others and being able to take direction from those around me was also very important. I never hesitated to accept help or feedback to make sure the job was done right. Overall, I think that my attitude and willingness to learn new skills were the biggest factors that helped me land a full-time offer.

Jenna, Maahi and Raegan

What are some tips for making the transition from intern to full-time employee?

Jenna: One of the biggest tips I have for making the transition from intern to full-time employee is to remember that the timeline is completely different. When doing an internship, everything is condensed into the very short time that you will be working. In full-time employment, everything is fast paced, but continuous. There is no "end date" for your full-time job. It is important to remember to allow yourself time to adjust and understand that making mistakes and getting confused is all part of the process of acclimating to a new job, even if that feeling lasts longer than you expect.

Maahi: A tip I have from transitioning to full-time is to give yourself time to onboard and learn the new systems before you start working on projects. Now that you have more length than the internship to learn, take the opportunity to ask questions, do training, and ask for help! Additionally, it's important to build relationships with your new colleagues and managers. Get to know their backgrounds and how their experiences can help you in your role.

Rae’gan: I think that the biggest thing in the jump from intern to full-time employee is to show yourself some grace throughout the entire transition period. During this time, you're literally embarking on this new journey into the true depths of adulthood so there will be ALOT of adjusting and things that take some getting used to. There will be a learning curve in terms of knowledge, skills, and material that you may have to learn to properly perform in your role, so it's important to give yourself time to adjust and learn. Additionally, forming relationships with your colleagues can be an incredibly helpful tool in navigating the transition. Lastly, don't forget to ask questions when you need help or clarification. Being proactive and inquiring will make this transition much swifter.

What is your current role right now? Tell us about your day-to-day!

Jenna: Currently, I am an Operations Lead for DSD (Direct Store Delivery). It is hard to explain my day-to-day, because no 2 days are the same! I typically work as the overlapping manager between the 1st and 2nd shifts in the warehouse of a distribution center. I help make sure that the shifts are crewed, the volume is planned, product gets on the correct truck at the correct time, and that the trucks are dispatched to stores at the right time. I also analyze and communicate metrics for the warehouse every day during team meetings that I lead. Every day is exciting because you never know what is in store!

Maahi: My current role is a Finance Associate for the Financial Leadership Development Program. Over the course of 3 years, we will do 3 rotations in different finance functions to get more exposure to the business. I currently work in Category Finance for Oreo and it is so much fun! Day-to-day, I work on projects to streamline financial planning and analysis for the Oreo business. I am also shadowing my manager in providing financial insights and recommendations to other finance managers and senior management.

Rae’gan: I am currently a Process Engineer on the Premium Crackers line at the bakery located in Richmond, VA. The primary purpose of my role is to devise and develop new processes and strategies that will improve the overall production line and to produce the best quality products. On a typical day, I am responsible for making sure that the data and information is readily present and available to ensure that the production line is running efficiently and at optimal levels. I assist in the troubleshooting of any issues on the line that may arise and work with various functions in the bakery (which includes maintenance, quality, safety, etc.) to ensure that all the machines are running smoothly.

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