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Meet Shannon Bourkney, Retail Merchandising Supervisor

"My experience participating in the M2A Apprenticeship Program was enlightening."

Shannon Bourkney, Retail Merchandising Supervisor

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Participating in Mondelēz International's M2A (MultiGen Alliance) ERG Apprenticeship Program has been a pivotal journey for Shannon, currently excelling as a Retail Merchandising Supervisor.

Can you share your journey and experience participating in the M2A Apprenticeship Program at Mondelez International?

My experience participating in the M2A Apprenticeship Program was enlightening. I learned a new channel outside my current role. This program has given me the ability to network with multiple people in different markets and across channels. I expanded my knowledge base for Value Channel, giving me a perspective that I can utilize in my current and future roles.

What initially attracted you to apply for the Apprenticeship Program here at Mondelez?

I always felt that expanding your knowledge of both the business and the challenges that serves can help you on your day-to-day current role and prepare you for anything the future may bring. This project has satisfied my intellectual curiosity, while making me a better manger. For me it has been a win-win. Being able to experience different channels and network within Mondelēz has broadened my interests in career opportunities besides my current role.

Could you describe the projects or initiatives you worked on during the program? Which one was the most impactful for you and why

Our Project was focused around the Value channel, specifically growth opportunities at Dollar General. Our focus was to identify multiple opportunities, strategize, and prepare presentations for implementation. As a result of the presentation from our M2A project Dollar General expanded our presence by Snack Sak side wing, adding multiple big bag Nabisco products to front end, and added King Size Oreos and Nutter Butter to check stands.

How did the Apprenticeship Program contribute to your professional growth and skill development?

The Program gave me exposure to communication with Csuite executives, expanded my knowledge on product performance vs shelf cost, gave me a greater understanding of profitability and volume in the Value channel and expanded my experience with presentations to buyers and understand the customers’ needs.

Shannon Bourkney

How would you describe the support and mentorship you received during the apprenticeship?

I was extremely lucky to have a mentor as knowledgeable and approachable, as Megan Diaz de Arce. Megan was an extremely gracious teacher. Her ability to explain complex subjects in layman’s terms was truly beneficial to me. Her support and encouragement inspired me to break down my own walls and tackle information I previously had not dealt with. She also blazed the path for me to network with multiple positions in the Value Channel. Her consistent encouragement helped me truly understand the importance of our project and the positive effect it could have for Mondelēz International.

How do you think your participation in the program has prepared you for future opportunities within Mondelez?

This program has allowed me to gain a lot of confidence in presenting to high level mangers both within Mondelēz and outside the company. I gained a lot of self-confidence knowing that I have a support system at Mondelēz that I could always rely on. My presentation for this project has garnered me a lot of encouragement from Senior Management. Since my participation in this program my network within the company has expanded greatly and will open new doors in my future. For that, I am extremely grateful.