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Championing Women Engineers, Inside Mondelēz's Supportive Culture

"At Mondelēz, I'm not just an engineer; I'm part of a community of champions cheering me on every step of my career journey.."

Laura Amador, Sr. Project Engineer

Friday, June 6, 2024

DEI - How is Mondelēz supporting your career journey as a woman Engineer?

Mondelēz has provided me with several mentors and lots of amazing people (males and females) who already possess the skills that I want to develop to ensure future success as an engineer. Throughout my years at Mondelēz, I have had the pleasure of working with countless individuals who portray the characteristics that I want to emulate; I feel like I have many champions who are cheering me on at every step!

How do you see your personal values aligning with the mission and values of our organization?

I see my personal values reflected in the organization by the way the plant team interacts with each other; everyone is treated with respect and every opinion and idea is heard and considered equally. Additionally, every Halloween, the factory organizes a Haunted House opened to the public as a way to give back to the community. As an employee, I get to volunteer and witness pure happiness on the kids’ faces when you hand them a bag of chocolate!

What are some of the perks or benefits that make Mondelēz International a great place to work?

Free chocolate! and working with brands that my friends and family easily recognize. We also have social events and fun lunches for team-building purposes.

Can you share a story about a time when the culture at Mondelēz International positively impacted your work?

There have been instances when a problem or a stressful situation has occurred, but because of the relationships and camaraderie that we’ve built as a team, we are able to tackle any difficult moment with the best possible attitude and the disposition to work as a team to find a solution that everyone is satisfied with.


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