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My Journey as a Returning Intern

"I believe MDLZ provides interns with so many opportunities." - Jennifer Ross, Procurement

"I would recommend interning at MDLZ because they are unparalleled in the experiences that they offer." - Alaina Brock, NA Oreo Foodservice Intern

Friday, October 20, 2023

Alaina Brock, NA Oreo Foodservice Intern

Jennifer Ross, Procurement

Jennifer Ross and Alaina Brock are two returning interns in 2023. They tell us their experience in their first internship last year, and the reason they decided to come back to keep growing with the opportunities Mondelēz International gave them through the internship program.

What is one thing you learned during your first internship program that you’ll take into the second?

Jennifer: During my first internship with MDLZ, I was able to gain a better understanding of the supply chain process as a whole. I had the opportunity to learn warehouse processes, ride along on a delivery route, and work with sales representatives to put product on shelves. Gaining this insight allowed me to go into my second internship (Procurement) with real world supply chain knowledge that I could bring to the table.

What do you love most about our internship program?

Alaina: My two favorite things about the Mondelēz Internship program are the intern activities and the projects that we are given. Although managing all intern activities and project work can be quite difficult, I really enjoy how interactive and informative everything is. My project is only focusing on Oreo Small Grind but I have learned how to produce GMP samples, write an SOP for plant equipment, and analyze manufacturing data in the process. In terms of the intern activities, I really enjoy meeting individuals in senior leadership positions such as our chief R&D officer, Daniel Ramos, and our intern immersion trip to Chelsea Market and MMR is always a blast!

Describe a day in the life of an intern.

Jennifer: A typical day as an intern usually includes a mix of project progression, engaging meetings, one on ones with team members, and of course, fun! There are always built-in sessions such as cultural events, new launches, or socials held in the atrium. Seeing all the employees stop work for lunch and truly enjoy some games and treats is a great aspect of it all. One of my favorite parts of daily life as intern is also the unexpected. Although this may seem like a weird aspect to enjoy, being able to learn adaptability and the ability to meet with anyone necessary within minutes is a neat dynamic to have.

Alaina: As an R&D intern, my day usually begins around 8 AM when I get into the office. I take some time to have a bagel, clear out my inbox, and respond to any messages that I need to. I meet with my manager around 9 AM to review deliverables for my project and ask any questions I might have. Then it is off to the lab where I begin the experiments for my project. Working on Oreo Small Grind involves sifting bags of grind from the plant, assembling variables, or making ice cream for my samples. I then take a break for lunch and interact with my fellow R&D interns. Then I return to the lab and finish up my work. In the evening, I continue to review emails and clean while taking any meetings with senior leaders or ERGs. Then I check in with my manager before leaving the office around 5 PM.

Returning Interns, Jennifer Ross and Alaina Brock

Why would you recommend interning at Mondelēz International to other students?

Jennifer: I believe MDLZ provides interns with so many opportunities. Whether that be senior leader chats, intern events, gatherings, headshots, traveling, one on ones, or the many other ways, I think proactive students who really want to learn are unstoppable. There are countless opportunities within the internship and the company and knowing you can stay within a company yet work in many different areas throughout your career is great for students to know if they're looking for something like that.

Alaina: I would recommend interning at MDLZ because they are unparalleled in the experiences that they offer. Regardless of what your project is focused on or what function you are assigned, you will get exposure to so many different aspects of working at a consumer products company that you will have experienced it all. In addition to this, the collaborative culture here at Mondelēz adequately prepares you to be successful in your project work. The social side of one’s experience is also important, and I can say that I have greatly enjoyed my interactions with fellow interns at our organized activities. Everything is always so well-planned and although I am not able to attend all our intern events, I am always pleased with the ones I do attend.