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Meet Aynsley Rasmussen, District Manager, NA VP Retail

"Going through both the LDA program as well as the apprenticeship program it has been wonderful to see the investment that Mondelēz International gives to those looking to gain new experiences and learn about the total business."

Aynsley Rasmussen, District Manager, NA VP Retail

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Aynsley tells us about her experience in the JVC (Joint Value Creation) world as a participant of the Multi Gen Alliance ERG’s Apprenticeship Program.

Can you share your journey and experience participating in the M2A Apprenticeship Program at Mondelēz International?

I had a wonderful experience in the apprenticeship program. I chose a part of the business I had no experience in and was paired with a wonderful expert Carolyn Quinton to learn about JVP in the convenience channel.

What initially attracted you to apply for the Apprenticeship Program here at Mondelēz International?

I knew colleagues that had gone through the program that had great experiences. I also think it is always important to gain experience in new areas outside of your core responsibilities and expose yourself to a new network of people. There were far more parallels between how Carolyn ran her business and how I ran mine. Not only did I learn about another aspect of the company, but also gained valuable business and leadership skills.

What does career development and learning, mean for you at Mondelēz?

Career development and learning is very important to me, as I’m always looking for ways to challenge myself and grow. At Mondelēz I’ve had the opportunity to be part of strategic business projects, which is something I haven’t experienced at other FMCG companies.

Could you describe the projects or initiatives you worked on during the program? Which one was the most impactful for you and why?

Carolyn taught me about the nuances of her role, how she works with her CCMs, how she plans her business on long term vs. how I plan mine on a tighter timeline in retail. The biggest impact of this program was supporting Carolyn in the crafting of her JVP planning and going with her to the Five Below headquarters in Philly to pitch her sell-in of programs.

How did the Apprenticeship Program contribute to your professional growth and skill development?

Outside of the analytical development, Carolyn also supported me in mapping my career growth. In the middle of the program, I was promoted to the District Manager of the Jacksonville team, but Carolyn didn’t stop engaging me in continuing to plan out my next interests in the company. We also talked about diversifying talent and ensuring that I am gaining experience in different areas of the business.

Aynsley Rasmussen

What specific skills or knowledge did you acquire or enhance through the program?

JVP Planning, Pitching Sales Initiatives at a Corporate Level, Revenue Growth Management, planning on a warehouse timeline.

Can you highlight a memorable moment or achievement from your time in the program that stands out to you?

The most memorable moment to me was after our pitch to the Five Below team we had our last connect call. Not only did they approve our program, but they also unveiled plans for an endcap in the new year to support the new items and LTE for maximum impact. Knowing that we put together such a strong growth plan that the customer went above and beyond is an amazing feeling – and one I’m not sure a lot of customer teams often experience.

Did it contribute significantly to your experience?

Yes 100%- Carolyn was so patient and supportive to me during the time of the program. She gave me real responsibilites and worked to créate a Project that not only fit into the timeline of the program, but also left me with a deliverable. I truly felt that I was apprenticing and learning about a new role in the company.

Looking back, how has this experience impacted your career path and your perception of Mondelez as an employer?

Going through both the LDA program as well as the apprenticeship program it has been wonderful to see the investment that Mondelēz International gives to those looking to gain new experiences and learn about the total business. This program has reminded me of how many career opportunities there are for me to grow into and makes me exited for the future.

How do you think your participation in the program has prepared you for future opportunities within Mondelez?

I’ve grown my career in Mondelez in retail between Sales Rep, RMS, DM, and my experience in the CBT realm with Food Lion. Even when I was on the Triscuit Brand team the brand was sold in 95% retail. This apprenticeship gave me so many new experiences with convenience, confections, warehouse pipeline distribution, and long term planning- all areas of the business I hope to continue to develop in.