“There is a great collaborative working culture at MDLZ. We all together work as one team to achieve the best outcome we have.”

Becky Tang

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

What attracted you to joining Mondelez?

The FMCG industry has always been where I see myself work professionally. To be able to work with everyday brands that I use and love as a consumer myself brings a lot of job satisfaction as I am able to see tangible output and impacts in the market as a result of the work I do with my team.

I recall being in a lecture listening to a guest speaker talk about their role within the Finance team at MDLZ. It was at that point I remember thinking to myself that I MDLZ was a company I would like to work for one day as the passion for the brands was evident in the guest speaker and I wanted to feel the same excitement in my career.

I have been at MDLZ since April 2020. I started as the Category FM for GCBM & Biscuits. In June 2021, I transitioned across to the Gifting & Seasonal portfolio to expand on my business knowledge and recently have been promoted to Commercial Finance Manager - Corporate Sales. MDLZ has been an incredibly supportive business to work in where everyone cares for each other. This makes coming to work each day very enjoyable.

What has been the highlight/s (projects) for you at Mondelez?

One of the most exciting highlights in my role at MDLZ is working cross-functionally with other teams on innovations to launch in the market. To see months of hard work culminate into a finished product on the shelves in shops is highly rewarding.

What can people expect from a career with Mondelez?

A career at MDLZ is somewhere you can feel excited to grow and develop as a leader and expert in your area. There are many opportunities to work collaboratively across the business to stretch and develop in your own career path. Once you have identified what you would like to achieve, you will be supported by your team, leaders and partners to reach those goals.

team in front of poster

What is unique about working in Finance?

One of the most distinguishing things I have noticed about working in MDLZ Finance is the strong encouragement to learn and work across different areas of Finance. There are a lot of open discussions with your direct manager to discuss the different Finance teams, and the core competencies and skills required to perform well in those teams. This ensures that all Finance team members are trained to be versatile and have a broad knowledge across the business to better work with their business partners.

What does flexibility mean for you?

MDLZ has adapted so well with the ever-changing work environment which COVID has thrust upon the world. As someone who onboarded with the business during the first lock down, I was amazed at how easy it was to integrate with the business through the use of Skype/Teams to build relationships with my team and stakeholders. Everyone is extremely understanding of the different dynamics individuals have at home and are able to work towards compromise where required.

What does career development and learning, mean for you?

Career development is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Through regular 1:1 catch ups with managers, specific leadership programs or the vast selection of online training material, there are plenty of opportunities to focus and discuss our career aspirations.

How would you describe the working culture?

There is a great collaborative working culture at MDLZ. We all together work as one team to achieve the best outcome we have. If there are challenges, we are all comfortable and have a safe space to discuss and align on an outcome that works for all involved.

What does Health & Wellbeing mean for you?

Health & Wellbeing has had a lot of focus in the past two years, particularly due to COVID. The Health & Wellbeing of the staff is important to the leadership team and a lot of precautions have been taken to ensure we do the right thing and manage everyone’s health and safety.

What advice do you have for someone considering an opportunity with Mondelez?

I would strongly encourage anyone to consider an opportunity to build their career with MDLZ. There is a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie that goes beyond your role/function and you definitely feel the passion and excitement around the business at all times. It is hard work, but very rewarding at the same time.

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