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Responsible Marketing

At Mondelēz International, we want to make sure our marketing and labeling not only complies with all regulations and standards, yet also helps our consumers snack right.  All of our communications on packaging and in-store materials are directed to adults, with guidelines on use of premiums and on-pack promotions.

We have a strong global Marketing to Children Policy in place that applies to every market where we do business. We do not advertise our products in any media primarily directed to children under age 13. Our policy covers any advertising where 30% or more of the total viewing audience is under the age of 13. Our approach applies to advertising in TV, print, radio, internet (both our own websites and third-party websites), digital, advergaming, mobile, word of mouth, DVD/video, streaming media and in cinemas. And we prohibit all in-school marketing in both primary and secondary schools (prior to university level) – which is an industry leading practice.

In addition, we have food marketing standards in place that provide additional guidance and are in line with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Code of Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice and the ICC Framework for Responsible Food and Beverage Communications. We participate in a number of global and local pledge programs that rigorously monitor and report on our processes. As a founding member of the IFBA, we work with others across the industry to support responsible marketing, including underrepresented communities, and have made global commitments to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the areas of nutrition and responsible food marketing.

We also require our employees to complete training on our advertising and marketing policy committed to truthfulness, decency and substantiation as par to four annual compliance program. The whole process is supported by an internal audit program. Third-party monitoring is conducted to assess compliance with our global IFBA pledge and regional pledges, such as the EU Pledge.