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Supporting our colleagues and Ukrainian citizens remains a priority

Tuesday, November 22, 2022


Since the start of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, we have established a $15 million commitment together with the Mondelēz International Foundation to support the country, Ukrainian citizens as well as refugees with cash and in-kind contributions. We are providing humanitarian aid in collaboration with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies – IFRC, Save the Children, as well as with local Ukrainian NGOs (Blagomay, Foodbank Ukraine and others).

Humanitarian Efforts

During this difficult time, we are focusing our efforts on providing targeted assistance to Ukrainian health facilities, schools, and kindergartens, as well as to children in orphanages, rehabilitation centers, and other social institutions in need.

In 2023, together with our local partnering organization Charity Fund Blagomay, we have provided medical equipment to 25 healthcare facilities across Ukraine, including the donation of 17 modern neonatal incubators to hospitals in nine cities across Ukraine. Our focus has been particularly directed towards communities which have suffered ongoing shelling, missile strikes, and drone attacks. These donations have helped to improve access to critical healthcare services for thousands of Ukrainians.

We have also supported schools and kindergartens in the affected communities, helping them to rebuild and repair after damages and ensuring continuous education for children. We helped restore a kindergarten in the city of Trostyanets that was heavily damaged during the occupation. In the Vyshhorod community, we also repaired two local kindergartens and built a sports yard at the school in the village of Stari Petrivtsi. In addition, in response to requests from the Vyshhorod community, we funded the installation of two air raid shelters in local kindergartens.

In collaboration with our local NGO partner, Charity Fund Blagomay, we have continued to provide clothes, shoes, and other necessities for children in orphanages, rehabilitation centers, and other institutions. In 2023, this support reached more than 20,000 children.

Additionally, during the winter of 2022-23, when there were massive blackouts resulting from attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure, we donated power generators, heaters, warm clothes, and other needed equipment to 13 social institutions reaching more than 1,000 children throughout Ukraine.

Beyond these efforts, we continue to provide other target assistance to the affected communities and already have donated more than 550 tons of in-kind products to food banks and NGOs in Ukraine and neighboring countries to support refugees. This includes sending trucks filled with MDLZ products directly to Ukrainian cities to support local communities and people in need.

Supporting our Colleagues in Ukraine

As the war continues, supporting our colleagues and Ukrainian citizens remains a priority for us at Mondelēz International. Our hearts go out to our colleagues, as well as those with family and friends in Ukraine, and we remain committed to supporting them.

We have invested in the repair and reopening of our manufacturing plants in Ukraine, which sustained serious shelling damage, and we were able to resume production in both Vyshhorod and Trostyanets.

Additionally, since February 2022, several Ukrainian employees have found temporary or permanent jobs within our company in other countries, while some others decided to leave Ukraine and take up residence in neighboring countries with their families. In both cases, we witnessed amazing support from the Mondelēz family to assist our Ukrainian colleagues in finding shelter, not only in MDLZ facilities but also welcoming them into their homes, demonstrating incredible generosity and ‘One Family’ spirit.

A bespoke internal app was also launched at the beginning of the Russian invasion in 2022 to connect Ukrainian employees seeking shelter with MDLZ colleagues across the globe who were able to offer a safe place for them to stay. The application has proven to be a phenomenal resource, supporting families in danger in the most critical times, and we are indebted to all our colleagues who opened their doors to welcome those in need.

We remain deeply committed to our employees, suppliers, customers, and the local communities where we live and operate in Ukraine. Together with our partners, Ukrainian NGOs and local communities, we continue our work to identify areas where we can have the most impact in supporting the people of Ukraine during these challenging times.