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Seeds of Change Episode 1 – Recycling

Monday, June 14, 2021

Welcome to Seeds of Change - soulful green stories of our colleagues who live sustainable lives.

Meet Mohamed Usama, HSE Manager CTOR, AMEA who shares his passion for recycling!

Mohammed converts trash to treasure a skill he learned from his father and mentor as a young boy. Today, he uses pieces of broken bottles, bowls and crystal to create beautiful, colorful pieces of art. His daughter Nayla joins him in his artistic quest to make the world more sustainable by recycling one piece at a time.

Mohamed's story is indeed an inspiration! It is also in line with our focus on recycling at MDLZ.

We're proud to make snacks the right way. By reducing our environmental impact and sourcing sustainably, we're creating zero net waste packaging by investing in innovative materials, education and infrastructure to improve recycling globally. Our 2025 goal is 100 percent of packaging designed to be recyclable and labeled with recycling information. We're well on our way achieving 94 percent in 2020.

Learn more about our environmental initiatives on our Snacking Made Right page.