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Jennifer’s Secrets to Green Fashion

Seeds of Change Episode 2 – Upcycling

Monday, July 12, 2021

Welcome to Seeds of Change soulful green stories of our colleagues who live sustainable lives.

In this episode, we meet Jennifer Norton, Product Change Manager, MEU MSC Confectionary in Bournville UK, who shares her passion for recycling and upcycling but with a twist!

Jen loves fashion. Importantly, she loves sewing, a skill she learned from her mother as a young girl. As she became increasingly aware of the fashion industry's negative impact on the environment, she decided to bring to life her passions by sewing sustainable fashionable creations!

Watch Jen as she recycles and upcycles her old clothes, fabrics, or even vintage tablecloths bought at an antique shop to create cool outfits, including a dungaree dress from her husband's old pair of jeans! Like her, you too can create green fashionable designs like tie dye etc. What a great idea!

Jen's inspirational goal of recycling and upcycling is very much in line with our focus at MDLZ.

Upcycling has multiple advantages for the environment, the local community and efficiently managing the recycling infrastructure. Our India BU in partnership with Sustainable Futures, have financed a pilot project with NGO Hasiru Dala to sort, clean, and recycle Multi-Layer Plastic (MLP) into Wealth from Waste (WoW) boards that can be converted to sustainable everyday products like tables, flower pots etc. The project aims to remove tons of flexible packaging in India, positively impact people and create jobs while testing a unique three-way partnership model that could scale up in the future.

Learn more about our environmental initiatives on our Snacking Made Right page.