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Abhishek Ahluwalia

Friday, January 14, 2022

What is your current role in e-commerce at MDLZ?

I lead Global eCommerce Commercial Strategy and Growth Platforms. I am responsible for Global eCommerce acceleration, designing mid to long term eComm strategy for the enterprise - Developing North Star for eCommerce, Where to Play, How to Win and Capability Identification/Development. It also drives our Global Direct To Consumer, E-Business to Business, Last Milers (or Quick Commerce), Cross Border, Online Gifting Platforms. I work with our regional/BU teams to help stand up new eComm markets and capabilities. I have been in this global role since April 2019, prior to this I used to lead our India eCommerce Business

What makes your role so exciting?

We are on a mission to make MDLZ a leader in Digital Commerce. I am glad that I am part of the team which is enabling this change and making our business future proof. I have full autonomy to take decisions, making mistakes is ok so long as we learn from them. We put our people and consumers first before anything. Culture here is very meritocratic and one which is highly rewarding. Learning at MDLZ never stops.

Where do you see e-commerce going at MDLZ

We are growing rapidly and want to be leader in snacking online enabling consumers to choose the right snack at any time online. We are building our key capabilities, upskilling our teams and fostering growth mindset which will enable us to win in this evolving space

What are the key skills one must have to succeed in both e-commerce and at MDLZ?

First and foremost, curiosity. Other skills

  1. digital marketing
  2. key account management
  3. negotiation
  4. data and analytics
  5. 1st Party Data/CRM
  6. financial acumen
Abhishek Ahluwalia in front of logo

How have you developed your career at MDLZ?

I joined MDLZ in India in 2017, set up our eComm business, built a winning team and set foundations for solid growth for our India eComm Business. I did that role for 2 years, after which I was offered a global role based in the US. This role was new, and I had to build strategy for Growth/New platforms (i.e. Direct to Consumer/E-Business to Business). My remit quickly expanded, and I was given responsibility of driving our Global eComm Strategy. All these experiences have shaped me as a professional. My managers gave me full autonomy to operate and I was able to chart my own growth path in the company.

How would you describe the culture at MDLZ?

MDLZ culture is warm & welcoming. We respect differences in opinion. It’s very meritocratic and entrepreneurial.

Do you feel MDLZ does a good job at creating a diverse and inclusive environment?

Yes, we embrace and celebrate diversity. Our Global eComm team is very diverse for example. When we work with Business Units, teams create an inclusive environment, which is driven by mission to make MDLZ as leader in online snacking and making our consumers at center of our strategy. At times, some differences in opinion are possible but we collectively decide what is good for the consumer and the business.