I work with cross functional global teams to raise the bar on what we can do with our amazing brands online.

“I'm currently on a global team where we all come from different backgrounds and bring diverse opinions and perspectives to the table”

Colleen Basaydin

Thursday, March 24, 2022

What is your current role

I am part of the Global eCommerce Center of Excellence team at Mondelēz that is responsible for setting the eCommerce Global strategic vision, building new capabilities, driving integration, training, and sharing learnings across the globe. My role specifically focuses on key e-retailers, managing the Global Amazon relationship and driving our eCommerce assortment strategy globally.

What makes e-commerce at MDLZ so exciting

The retail landscape is changing SO fast, especially in grocery, and we, at Mondelēz, need and want to be on the leading edge of that change. On the eCommerce team we get to help lead and transform our company into the future, which is super exciting. I get the privilege to work with cross functional teams across the globe to continue to raise the bar on what we can do with our amazing brands online to delight our consumers every day!

How do you see the future of e-commerce develop at MDLZ

At Mondelez, we want to be the leader of Snacking in Digital Commerce, with this ambition we are focused on building the right capabilities and competencies, driving growth minded agendas, and continuing to test and learn. It is hard to predict the future, but I feel confident that Mondelēz is on the right track and willing to pivot and shift as needed for our consumer, which is at the heart of everything we do.

How has your career developed at MDLZ

I've been with Mondelēz for the past 6 years, my first role here was leading the US Amazon business, then I moved to our global eCommerce team to lead Amazon globally, and then my global role expanded to cover key retailers as well (in Omnichannel, Marketplaces, etc). I've always been very interested in global opportunities, which is one big reason I joined Mondelēz. I've been able to seek these opportunities and have had managers that helped to support my global interests, learning agenda and growth ambition.

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What type of projects or experiences have you done to help grow your career in different ways at Mondelēz?

All my roles at Mondelēz, thus far, have helped to grow my career in different ways. I would have to say that my current role has been most rewarding in shaping my career, as I have learned SO much from working with different teams, with different needs around the globe. It is important to know that you can't just copy and paste in one market to the next but need to truly listen to the support the markets where they need it most. I've also been challenged in this role to step out of my comfort zone, which pushes me to grow every day.

What is your view on working from home, a hybrid model, and the way MDLZ handles this?

I'm based in Seattle and work from home today, this has given be the flexibility to work when I need to, which in global role can be at various hours of the day, but also gives me time to be with my family when needed (which includes 2 little ones!). Like many companies, most of us have worked from home the past few years and our culture has shifted to many video calls, which I personally really enjoy as I feel more connected to my team and coworkers (especially in different countries!).

What is your view on diversity at MDLZ? What do we do well and what can we improve?

I've always felt like diversity and inclusion were an important part of Mondelēz' culture, and it continues to be an area that they work on improving through education, awareness and setting goals. I'm currently on a very diverse global team where we all come from different backgrounds and bring diverse opinions and perspectives to the table, which I appreciate and has helped me grow personally and professionally.