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From Sweden to Norway, Diana's career expands beyond boundaries.

“We are provided the opportunity to join different trainings and programs to further develop and gain new skills. ”

Diana Alanie

Monday, August 08, 2022

What is your current role, and what makes it exciting

I work as Business Development (BD) Manager for the Marabou plant located in Upplands Väsby, Sweden. BD is responsible for all change projects in the plant such as new product developments, specifications changes, new suppliers, etc. Through clear communication on project objectives, timelines, and accountabilities, we ensure that the projects are delivered with all key milestones met.

What I really like about my role is that it is very varied! I get to work cross functionally as the link between the plant and business unit. I have a broad network throughout the whole organization, both locally as well as regionally in MDLZ. I work with the plant leadership team to support the strategy and long-range plans for the site as well as with Research & Development and the commercial teams to support brand development and commercial strategy.

How has your career developed at Mondelēz International?

I have been in the company for 9,5 years now and worked in a variety of roles but always within manufacturing. I started as quality coordinator in the plant, where I supported Daim, Noblesse and Chocolate mass making production lines. I then changed to the role of HACCP coordinator, where I maintained and developed the plant food safety program.

Hereafter I got the opportunity to go to Oslo, Norway and work with the Freia chocolate plant. After a year in Oslo I moved back to Sweden and started as Business development project coordinator. My next role was my first people managers role, as I got back into Quality and worked as plant Quality manager. I moved into my current role just over a year ago.

What personal qualities or skills make you successful in your role?

In my current role, I have many different stakeholders to manage. You need strong communication skills and the ability to engage with people at all levels. Being structured, having strong problem-solving skills and the ability to rapidly learn new things is key for success in this position.

What kind of project, assignments have you done outside of the traditional career moves that helped you further your career?

Going to work abroad, in my case in Oslo, is a shift changer in my career. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and showing you can perform, in a different culture without your normal safety net around you is something that strengthens and develops you as a person. It gives you a broader network, experience and exposure in the company that you might not have gotten otherwise.

How would you describe the culture at MDLZ?

You work in a very diverse environment, with people from all around the globe. Personal growth and development are important. We are provided the opportunity to join different trainings and programs to further develop and gain new skills. We also work with great products and are very proud to do so!

And finally, what is your favorite MDLZ product?

There are so many great brands, I can't pick just one! Marabou chocolate is of course, for me, the best tasting milk chocolate but my absolute favorite products are Daim, Noblesse and Freia Kvikk Lunsj. Noblesse was THE treat when I was a kid and school finished for the summer. My teacher had a box on her desk and you were allowed one (1) piece of Noblesse. I always wanted more!