"I have never felt my growth as a marketer has slowed, with ongoing career opportunities"

Adam Lidis

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

What attracted you to joining MDLZ and how has your career developed?

I joined what was the graduate program at the time, straight from university, with a marketing major and aspiration longer term to move into marketing. I saw the graduate program as a great way to start a business career, with the size and scale of MDLZ offering breadth of opportunity. The culture, the brands in the portfolio that I could work on, such as Cadbury and Oreo, are exciting and energetic brands, and so much fun to work on.

The ongoing growth and career development opportunities have kept me at MDLZ, I have never felt my growth as a marketer has slowed, with ongoing career opportunities. In my career so far, I have had exposure to: Field Sales, Category Development, Assistant Brand Manager Chocolate , Brand Manager Biscuits, Category Management in Sales, Senior Brand Manager in Cadbury Dairy Milk, Senior Brand Manager for Sponsorships and my current position as Marketing Manager Gifting.

What have been the highlight/s for you at Mondelēz?

Probably the launch of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Vegemite block, and also the launch of Cadbury Dairy Milk Breakaway …very large scale campaigns with a lot of different layers to the launch, and such a variety of touch points.

More recently I have also enjoyed leading our Women In Sport platform. 1 in 2 girls drop out of sport by age 15, through our sponsorships of leading women’s sporting codes this program drives visibility of women in sport to provide role models for young girls to help keep them playing sport. A recent highlight as part of this was showcasing four of these amazing female athletes on the front of our iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk packs!

Adam in front of Cadbury sign

What do you think people can expect from a career with Mondelēz?

Some fantastic career opportunities, a variety of brands, functions, categories, some market leading FMCG practices, the MDLZ Ways of Working are best in class, therefore we learn best in class practices.

What is unique about working in Marketing at MDLZ

Stewardship of the leading and most iconic brands in the country, many of them, we are lucky to have that opportunity and responsibility.

The breadth of those brands and opportunities, some are very large brands like Cadbury Dairy Milk, and also some smaller brands, that offer different leanings and experiences.

As manufacturing is located in Australia, we are able to get ground up New Product Development / Innovation experience , as well as global experience with some off-shore manufacturing and global equity.

What does flexibility look like at MDLZ?

Flexible working hours and locations - even before covid we were able to work from home, HQ or manufacturing sites. It’s a very mature approach and there’s a high level of trust that we get the work done, wherever we are.

What does career development and learning, mean for you?

Mdlz provides a great breadth of opportunity and career development thanks to an immense variety of brands in the portfolio

How would you describe the working culture at MDLZ?

Working at MDLZ is fun, celebratory (getting everyone together to do so), values led, and has many training programs and seminars with a big focus on diversity and inclusion.

What does Health & Wellbeing mean for you?

Worked on a few different Health & Wellbeing programs, working with Corporate and Government Affairs to leverage our Sponsorships to support and roll out several H & W seminars to the broader business

What advice do you have for someone considering an opportunity with MDLZ?

I think be clear and honest with what you are looking for, in terms of career development, if unsure, be open to seeking guidance and understand the end goal, finding out steps of the journey along the way to achieve that goal