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Meet Albara Mousa, Category Planning & Activation Manager

"Mondelēz's commitment to employee development has empowered me to excel in my role and pursue new challenges with confidence."

Albara Mousa, Category Planning & Activation Manager

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Can you describe your career journey and how you arrived at your current position as a Category Planning & Activation Manager at Mondelēz?

Throughout my career journey, I have gained valuable experience in the consumer goods industry, working in various trade marketing and sales roles. This diverse background equipped me with a deep understanding of the industry. I joined Mondelēz as a Category Planning & Activation Manager, bringing my expertise in strategic category management and driving business growth to contribute to the company's success.

How has Mondelēz contributed to your professional growth and development?

Mondelēz has played a pivotal role in my professional growth and development by providing ample opportunities for learning and advancement. The company offers comprehensive training programs, mentorship initiatives, and exposure to global projects, all of which have expanded my skill set and industry knowledge. Mondelēz's commitment to employee development has empowered me to excel in my role and pursue new challenges with confidence.

Can you describe the skills that are most crucial for success in your role?

The skills that are paramount for success in my role as a Category Planning & Activation Manager include a strong analytical mindset to derive insights from complex data, strategic thinking to identify growth opportunities and develop effective plans, excellent collaboration and communication skills to work with cross-functional teams and influence stakeholders, and adaptability to navigate the ever-evolving consumer goods landscape.

Albara Mousa presenting in front of an audience

What is one accomplishment at Mondelēz that you are particularly proud of?

One accomplishment at Mondelēz that brings me immense pride is spearheading a category 360 activations program that resulted in a significant increase in market share and revenue. Through meticulous market research, consumer insights analysis, and strategic planning, we developed an integrated marketing campaign that effectively engaged consumers across multiple touchpoints. This accomplishment showcased our ability to drive impactful brand activations and deliver tangible business results.

Could you share any advice for someone who would like to pursue a career path similar to yours?

To pursue a career path similar to mine, I would advise aspiring professionals to cultivate a strong foundation in trade marketing and sales, seek opportunities to gain experience in category management and strategic planning, stay updated with industry trends and consumer preferences, and continuously develop their analytical and communication skills. Additionally, building a robust network of industry professionals and mentors can provide invaluable guidance and support along the way.


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