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Meet Mateusz Wiecki, Supply Planning Manager

Interesting fact is that on production lines, we are responsible for producing even 770 croissants during minute!

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

1.Can you introduce yourself? 

I am Mateusz Więcki. I graduated from Warsaw University of Technology at the faculty of Transport. I am interested in history and political science. I spend my spare time depending on the weather – with book or watching movies or on the bike, sometimes running. 

2.When did you joined MDLZ and on what role? 

I joined MDLZ in April 2019 as Supply Planning Trainee in Bakery HUB. 

3.What is your current role and what do you like the most about it? 

I am Supply Planning Manager responsible for one of our European Baked products Plant located in Slovakia. Together with my team we take care of two Croissants lines and one Bake Rolls line being significant part of 7Days Brand. Interesting fact is that on production lines, we are responsible for producing even 770 croissants during minute!

4.How did your career progress with Mondelēz? 

I started in the planning team for Plant in Opava in Czech Republic that has the largest OREO Line in Europe. After few months,  in Bakery Supply Planning HUB, I became a part of Plońsk plant planning team. There I could see how the famous Polish local heritage biscuits – like Delicje, Pieguski, Lubisie, are produced. 

Next step in my MDLZ career was taking a role of Raw and Pack Materials Planning Coordinator responsible for all European Bakery Plants. That was an amazing experience where I could get to know all of our 18 plants and work together with people from various countries and departments.  

After 18 months together with becoming Supply Planning Manager I joined Integration Team which was responsible for an acquisition of Chipita business including 6 plants in Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria,Romania and two in Greece with over 1 000 different products from portfolio.  The scope of project was to integrate systems and supply processes. 
The integration was finalized in July 2022and I stayed in the Chipita team on my current position. 

5.What project/achievement in Mondelēz you are particularly proud of? 

I need to call out launches of Bake Rolls products in Italy and France under MDLZ TUC and Belin brands which happened just after finalizing the Chipita integration.
Second important achievement which I am proud of is the managing of materials availability to produce our biscuits during Covid time. That was extremely challenging but gave me inimitable opportunity to learn and grow. 

I should also evoke work in Key User Group. We developed and improved many of processes and automatized tools which supported the whole Bakery Supply Community. Personally, For me learning to use VBA programming language was very important

6.What tips you would give to someone starting career in supply planning? 

I think that the most important is to take challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. As it is important to be open-minded, willing to meet new people and build relations with them. Another thing will be knowledge of SAP and advanced knowledge of Excel ,that might help you start smooth and easy. 

7.How would you describe work in Mondelēz in one word? 


8.What makes you want to keep growing with Mondelēz? 

Obviously, the people around me.