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A Warm Welcome, My Journey of Collaboration and Empowerment at Mondelēz International

"For any new employee, Mondelēz offers an on-boarding experience that is rich in culture, ample in opportunities, and welcoming in every possible way."

Archibong Edem, Production Supervisor

Friday, April 25, 2024

It’s inspiring to see colleagues come together to pioneer impactful solutions.

Walking through the doors of Mondelēz International, I felt a rush of familiar anticipation. Joining this leading global snacking powerhouse for the third time, I was eager to immerse myself again in the company’s culture. Known for its diverse and enriching environment, I was curious to see how it had evolved since my last stint. Mondelēz did not disappoint.

First Impressions: A Culture of Family and Growth

From my initial stint as a temp worker in 2020, the Mondelēz Family welcomed me with open arms. Stepping into the Cadbury Gladstone plant, I was struck by the meticulous organization and the warm greetings from every team member. This sense of family and a relentless focus on safety were not just impressive; they were deeply ingrained values that resonated through every interaction.

Fast forward to my time at the East York Bakery, the support structure, training, and inclusive environment at Mondelēz paved the way for a swift promotion within six months. This experience left an indelible mark and cemented my desire to return.

Now, in 2023, rejoining the Gladstone production team as a Production Supervisor, I am reminded daily of the exceptional culture that permeates every corner of the Mondelēz family—supportive, nurturing, and endlessly welcoming.

Seamless Teamwork: Uniting Passion and Excellence

Teamwork and collaboration are integral to the Mondelēz ethos. A prime example is the Integrated Lean Six Sigma (IL6S) program. It’s inspiring to see colleagues from various departments come together to pioneer impactful solutions that enhance productivity and reduce waste.

Moreover, our Daily Management System (DMS) meetings encourage information sharing and collective problem-solving across all hierarchy levels—connecting teams, transferring knowledge across shifts, and aligning department heads to execute strategies on a larger scale.

Empowering Employees: The Engine of Our Culture

At Mondelēz, we believe in empowerment and autonomy as central elements of our positive workplace culture. When employees are equipped with the necessary tools, skills, and independence, productivity, confidence, and competence grow together.

Our Gladstone plant is a testament to the dramatic uplift in morale and cultural shift when team members feel listened to, trusted, and given the autonomy to excel. From involving the core team in IL6S projects to hands-on training, and from leadership by example to proactive support systems, we ensure that employee value is not just a principle—it's a practice.

Reflecting on my time here at Mondelēz International, I am struck by the cohesive blend of professional ethos and heartfelt camaraderie that motivates us daily. It's a space where diversity thrives, engineering feats are accomplished together, and each workday is an opportunity to contribute to a legacy of delightful products. For any new employee, Mondelēz offers an onboarding experience that is rich in culture, ample in opportunities, and welcoming in every possible way. Here's to the journey of empowerment and to the many more milestones we’ll achieve together.


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