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Key Findings

6 in 10

global consumers surveyed for the last five years consistently said they prefer to eat many small meals throughout the day, as opposed to a few large ones


report that they consume snacks during a special moment or time of the day


snacking advice that global consumers report is "everything is fine in moderation"


look for snacks that are portion controlled (+5% from 2022)

Executive Summary

Five years later, consumers are still snacking strong.

This year’s State of Snacking findings reveal that snacking behaviors continue to grow, including notable growth in mindful snacking, with the chocolate category in particular closely associated with joy. Consumers are snacking:

  • Consistently: snack spending remains unchanged with two-thirds (66%) of consumers agreeing they have not made significant changes to their spend on snacks, despite being more conscious of price.
  • Mindfully: 85% of consumers report they regularly savor a snack’s taste, flavor, and texture while eating; 78% say they appreciate snacks more when consumed mindfully.
  • Adventurously: consumers surveyed are leveraging social media (62%) and searching for novelty, with six in 10 considering themselves “snack adventurers” who like to try new snacks.
  • Purposefully: over two-thirds of global consumers agree they often choose brands that align with their values, fueling a rising appetite for snacks with sustainability benefits.