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As one of the world's leading biscuit manufacturers, we remain focused on sourcing wheat that is grown more sustainably.

Our goal for our European business is to have 100% of the wheat volume needed for our biscuit production grown under the strengthened Harmony Regenerative charter by 20301 while we continue to learn from our North American wheat sustainability programs. Across Europe and North America, we focus on sourcing the wheat we need for our biscuits in more sustainable ways. We do this through sourcing programs that allow us to work with wheat farmers to help implement advanced agronomy practices that help conserve water, care for the soil, protect and promote biodiversity, and reduce GHG emissions. We also engage with governments and NGOs as part of our commitment to progress, transparency, and continuous improvement.

1 Regenerative Agriculture is a holistic approach to farming which aims to produce high-quality crops while also restoring the natural rhythm of our surrounding ecosystem.