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We are determined to make our snacks the right way to preserve our planet and meet our consumers’ needs every day. We aim to make end-to-end positive impact on the world and the communities where we do business. The right snack for the right moment made the right way means taking a lead in making our snacks right for people and the planet.  That includes from more sustainable sourcing of the raw materials we rely on, to more positive impact on the communities we live in and work with, while striving to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our distinctive approach has a number of key pillars: leading in more sustainably sourced key ingredients, pioneering approaches that holistically tackle root issues, driving sector-wide transformation through collaboration, and sharing & learning from impact data assessing the positive progress made by our programs. We have signature raw material sustainable sourcing programs across cocoa (Cocoa Life), wheat (Harmony and North America Wheat), dairy and palm oil. We’re doubling down on signature sourcing programs that we know have positive lasting impact on communities and the environment and provide the security of supply our business depends on. In addition, we lead sector-wide transformation through our work with the Consumer Goods Forum in advancing a Forest Positive future and promoting Human Rights.  We have gathered meaningful data confirming our approach is delivering the type of change we’re aiming for and can be scaled for greater impact.