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Regenerative / Sustainable Agriculture

We are transforming how we do business across our operations and with our suppliers and farmers. From seeking to improve cocoa farming practices in West Africa to promoting regenerative agriculture in wheat fields in the Midwest of the United States, Mondelēz International is committed to sustainably sourcing ingredients we use in our products.

For example, we created Harmony Wheat to help farmers improve the methods they use for growing their crops. Through our Harmony Wheat sustainability program, we are changing the way wheat is grown and harvested across Europe. Farmers in the program reserve at least 3% of their field for planting flowers to promote local ecology through biodiversity and natural pollination, and also select resilient wheat varieties to reduce pesticide use. Harmony champions biodiversity and good environmental practices in wheat production and seeks the commitment of partner farmers to follow sustainable practices.

In addition, our Cocoa Life program is a global cocoa sustainability program we pioneered to tackle the complex challenges farmers and their communities face. To start, we invested $400 million over ten years to empower 200,000 cocoa farmers and improve the lives of one million people living in these communities. We have also been partnering with the United Nations Development Program in Ghana (since 2013) on a pioneering program to distribute and register economic trees. Economic shade trees – those planted for purposes other than producing cocoa – diversify the cocoa farms, provide alternate revenue streams, and also make forests more resilient to the risk of pests and disease.