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Pay Equity

We are committed to equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or other personal characteristics. To deliver on that commitment, we benchmark and set pay ranges based on market data and consider various factors such as an employee’s role and experience, job location and performance. We also regularly review our compensation practices to promote fair and equitable pay.

With the support of an independent third-party expert in this field, we conduct global pay equity reviews comparing employees in the same pay grade within a country/area to help identify any unsupported distinctions in pay between employees of different genders and races (as permitted by local country law).

Our last global analysis in 2022 encompassed 83 countries and over 33,000 employees. From this analysis, we noted our pay gap between male and female employees was less than 1%. We anticipate this gap will further decrease through pay adjustments for employees identified during the review. In the United States, we also review pay for employees in the same pay grade by race/ethnicity (Asian, Black and Hispanic). The 2022 analysis found no systemic issues and no negative pay gap between non-white and white employees performing substantially similar work in the U.S.