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Nutritional Responsibility

To make informed decisions, people need the right information delivered clearly and simply. Since 2007, we have provided nutrition labeling on all of our products in all markets worldwide. Our commitment to providing nutrition information on back of pack and our approach is in line with international standards, including Codex Alimentarius.

Back of Pack Information

On all of our products, we provide nutrition information on back of pack. Information is provided per serving/per portion and/or per 100 grams basis (depending upon local regulations) on the following eight key nutrients—energy (calories), protein, carbohydrates, sugars, fat, saturated fat, fiber and sodium. On small packages with limited space, we list calories, protein, carbs and total fat. Our labeling approach applies to all of our products, including single and multiple portion packages.

Nutrition labels will usually include the percentage that a nutrient provides of the official daily intake guidance where such guidance is available, such as Daily Value (as in the U.S. or Canada), Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) or Daily Reference Intake (as with the EU labeling scheme).

Front of Pack Information

We're also dedicated to front-of-pack (FoP) labeling that delivers meaningful information at a glance and fits local needs. At the end of 2016, we had placed calorie front-of-pack globally on all relevant products. Our FoP calorie labeling depicts calories (energy) per serving or per pack for single serve individually wrapped products.

Nutrition Claims

If we make a claim about a nutrient (e.g. good source of fiber) or when we add a nutrient for fortification purposes, we provide information on that nutrient on the label in accordance with local regulations or those set out by Codex (including Codex CAC/GL 23-1997) for markets where regulatory standards have not been established. We also follow the guidance outlined in the WHO/FAO guidelines on food fortification with micronutrients. In addition, we follow these principles when considering making a nutrition claim:

  • Claims are based on an appropriate serving amount for the product, unless local regulations mandate a different approach.
  • Claims are made only on products that contain a nutritionally meaningful amount of the nutrient on which the claim is based.
  • Claims must go through internal regulatory and legal review for final approval.