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Mindful Snacking

We believe snacks can be enjoyed in a mindful way and can fit into a balanced lifestyle. That’s why our Mindful Snacking strategy aims to empower consumers to choose the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way – and help them savor each bite, experiencing more satisfaction.

We are thoughtful in the way we make and manage our evolving portfolio of brands. Our strategy is based in four pillars:

1. Champion portions and mindful behaviors to inspire consumers to snack mindfully as they aim for a more balanced lifestyle; with individually wrapped pre-portioned packs & transparent nutrition and portion labeling, and by embedding mindful behaviors into our brand experiences.

2. Enhance the ingredient & nutrition profile of our portfolio while continuing to deliver consumer preferred product experiences; working to implement nutrient reductions and offering line extensions & innovation with enhanced nutrition.

3. Provide options that continue to meet consumers’ evolving expectations.

4. Market our products responsibly. We have a global Marketing to Children Policy that applies to every market where we do business: no advertisement of our products in any media where 30% or more of the total viewing audience is under the age of 13.

Our Mindful Snacking Strategy is underpinned by a Mindful Portions goal: by 2025 we aim to deliver up to 100% of our net revenue through Mindful Portion Snacks1, those in either individually wrapped mindful portion packs (≤200 calories) or with mindful portion labeling on pack.

1This goal is new and combines and replaces historical goals relating to Portion Control Snacks and snacks with Snack Mindfully portion icon on pack. This goal measures the percentage of net revenue that comes from products that are either individually wrapped mindful portion serving sizes (≤200 calories) or have a mindful portion label/information on pack. This information includes biscuits and baked snacks, chocolate, and candy, and does not include Halls products, semi-final products not sold to consumers, bulk products for wholesale, beverages, meals, gums, seasonal or festive products, licensing/royalty revenue, private label products and products with small printable areas.