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Cocoa Life

Cocoa Life is Mondelēz International’s global cocoa sustainability program launched in 2012 to secure a supply of more sustainable cocoa.

As one of the world’s leading chocolate companies, we are focused on continuing to make cocoa right. And this goes beyond leading our global program Cocoa Life and sourcing cocoa for our products. We believe that only by working together can we help tackle the complex, interconnected challenges in the sector to help create a better future for the people who grow cocoa and the landscapes where it grows.

Cocoa Life is helping to combat these challenges, working in cocoa producing countries with our partners to help empower the men and women whose livelihood it is to grow cocoa. We focus on where we can help make a difference: turning cocoa into a business of choice, creating inclusive and empowered communities and educating on forest conservation and restoration.

Our goal is to have all Mondelēz International’s chocolate brands source their cocoa volume needs through Cocoa Life by 2025. We also have a goal to increase our cocoa volume scale and work with ~300,000 cocoa farmers through our Cocoa Life program by 2030.

We focus our efforts on the three areas where we can help make the most difference: more sustainable cocoa farming businesses; empowered cocoa communities; conserved and restored forests.

Making cocoa right means helping to tackle the complex challenges that cocoa farmers face. Cocoa Life has innovative ways to do this and help meet the growing demand for more sustainably sourced cocoa so that by 2030 we can achieve our goals to:

  • Increase number of farming households reaching a living income
  • Enhance child protection systems and enable access to quality education in Cocoa Life communities
  • Seek no deforestation on Cocoa Life farms globally