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The safety and quality of our products are of the highest importance to us – as are the trust and confidence of our consumers and customers. One of the ways we achieve this is by ensuring the strength of our food safety and quality systems. We expect that our Suppliers and Partners share this same commitment. For that purpose, we have developed specific quality and food safety expectations for each segment of our supply chain. Please familiarize yourself with the documents relevant to your business:

Raw Material and Packaging Suppliers

Each manufacturing location producing materials for Mondelēz International must meet the expectations found in the Supplier Quality Expectations (SQE) Manual. Supplier audit and approval requirements are included within the SQE Manual. The Supplier Quality Expectations Manual, additional guidance and training materials can be found on our Supplier Quality Manuals page.

Supplier Quality Manuals

To complement our SQE, we have developed additional Food Safety and HACCP documents and training for our Suppliers. This includes specific Processing Expectations Manuals for some of our raw material categories.

Food Safety & HACCP Manuals

Suppliers need to develop specific procedures to deter and prevent intentional contamination and have protocols in place to quickly and accurately identify, respond to, and contain threats or acts of intentional contamination. The Food Defense & Food Fraud Manuals page includes guidelines on how to achieve our Food Defense standards, and provides additional resources Food Fraud Mitigation.

Food Defense & Food Fraud Manuals

Additional Information about Mondelēz Quality Audits and GFSI Certification can be found here:

Supplier Audit Information

External Manufacturers and Co-Packers

External Manufacturers and Co-Packers produce finished product using Mondelēz International branded packaging. Quality requirements for External Manufacturers are explained in the External Manufacturer and Co-Packer Quality Requirements (EMQR) Manual, which can be found on our EM Quality Portal. Please contact your Mondelēz contract representative to request access to the portal.

Mondelez International External Manufacturing Quality Partner Portal (restricted access)

Supply Chain Service Providers

We have developed specific quality requirements for our Supply Chain Service Providers. Documents for Re-packers, Warehouses and Transportation providers can be found here:

Re-Packers, Warehouse and Transportation Manuals

Trade Mark Licencees

We developed specific Quality and Food Safety requirements for our Trade Mark Licensees across the globe. The relevant documents can be found here:

Trade Mark Licencing