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Food Defense

Suppliers need to develop specific procedures to deter and prevent intentional contamination and have protocols in place to quickly and accurately identify, respond to, and contain threats or acts of intentional contamination.

Mondelēz International Supplier Auditing verifies suppliers’ compliance with our Food Defense SQE requirements (through the Metric Stream Portal).

Mondelēz International Food Defense Manual

Food Fraud Mitigation

Mondelēz International has a program to mitigate risk from food fraud, economically motivated adulteration.  Based on vulnerability and threat assessments our program highlights areas of focused activity which includes, but is not limited to: targeted and non-targeted testing; traceability exercises; desktop and / or on site assessment.  We are members of various organizations to assist with our market and industry intelligence.

Tools & Templates

Please contact your MDLZ contract representative to request any training support, tools or templates needed for these requirements.