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Applicable to Contract Packers (supplier who conducts the primary packaging operation for Mondelēz International branded finished products. They receive “consumer-ready” work in process (WIP) and perform no additional processing but conduct the final open/exposed product operation. Suppliers who receive “unwrapped” or unsealed or wrapped product product and reconfigures them into a trade unit of sale (in may be referred to Co Packing process)

Co-Packers Expectations

Co-Packer Quality Expectations (Implementation Date June 1 2024)

Validation Protocol for Metal Detectors and Xrays


Applicable to Contracted facilities that store Mondelēz International finished and semi-finished goods., raw and pack materials , Premiums, Advertisement/POS material.

Warehouse Quality Expectations

Warehouse Quality Expectations (Implementation Date June 1 2024)


Applicable to contracted transport services for Mondelēz International Finished and Semi finished goods. Note: For cross-docking the more descriptive Warehousing Quality Expectations shall be applied.

Transportation Expectations

Transport Quality Expectations (Implementation Date June 1 2024)

Traceability & Coding Manual

Tools & Templates

Mondelez Terms and Definitions

Transport Incident Risk Assessment Template

Mondelēz Records Retention Table

Reefer Container Document

Wooden Pallets Manual 2024

Please contact your MDLZ contract representative to request any training support, tools or templates needed for these requirements.