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PROGRESS is the Mondelēz International way of promoting a high level of ethical standards and social responsibility in our supply chain.More about what we expect from suppliers regarding PROGRESS…

We are one of the founding members of an industry forum called AIM-PROGRESS. This initiative supports a common set of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards and drives efficiencies on performance improvement for the consumer goods industry. For more on AIM-PROGRESS, visit the website.

While there are several AIM-PROGRESS recognized audit protocols, Mondelēz International along with many in the industry, primarily require a SMETA style audit. The SMETA (Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit) protocol. To learn more about SMETA audits visit the SEDEX website.

For an overview of PROGRESS and SEDEX, click here.

To help address the need for global social responsibility in the supply chain, we are continuing to leverage supplier self assessments and third party ethical practice audits. To lessen the burden of audits and to align the industry on the key issues, we support mutual recognition of audits. The goal of mutual recognition is to satisfy the needs of many through a common audit framework and sharing network. “one audit for many requests”.

More about mutual recognition...