Monday, March 06, 2023

Anna Jones from Marketing

“A diversity of experience, ability to share your own journey is really important, getting exposure to new experiences, ability to have a unique and personalised experience, dependent on your passion and development points, you can build your own adventure.

Adam in front of Cadbury sign

Adam Lidis from Marketing

"Some fantastic career opportunities, a variety of brands some of the most iconic in the country, functions, varied categories, market leading FMCG practices, the MDLZ Ways of Working are best in class, therefore we learn best in class practices. As manufacturing is located in Australia, we are able to get ground up New Product Development / Innovation experience, as well as global experience with some off-shore manufacturing and global equity."

team in front of poster

Becky Tang from Commercial Finance.

"One of the most distinguishing things I have noticed about working in MDLZ Finance is the strong encouragement to learn and work across different areas of Finance. There are a lot of open discussions with your direct manager to discuss the different Finance teams, and the core competencies and skills required to perform well in those teams. This ensures that all Finance team members are trained to be versatile and have a broad knowledge across the business to better work with their business partners.”

Majella in front of the window with Oreo

Majella Molan from Marketing

“New joiners can expect great brands and opportunities, and to work hard too. Mdlz attracts high performers, we go above and beyond, reward is the work we get to do, the people we get to meet, the team support and relationships. It’s a privilege to be a custodian of this portfolio of brands."

Shivani Saini in front of a Cadbury sign

Shivani Saini from Finance

"Definitely opportunities! Mondelez is a place whereby if you want to grow, you can grow and develop. You clearly need to be able to show that you are someone that has the initiative and the drive, it’s up to each individual to make the most of this culture of learning and growth. As per my experience you can leverage the scale of the company and have cross functional exposure and opportunities.

We have a close knit finance group, we always leverage off each other’s strengths, especially within the supply chain finance team. Within finance there are forums, regular connects and learning initiatives which are quite beneficial in understanding why you do what you do and what drives value. Our goal is to drive and add value to the business, you very much a have a key voice at the table, decisions are made off the work that you do, & our advice is sought”