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Sunday, September 01, 2019

Guided by our purpose to empower people to snack right, we’ve made it our priority to focus on the nutrition of every snack we create. We encourage our consumers to be present in the moment and enjoy snacks consciously. This leaves them feeling much more satisfied and leads to a healthier relationship with food.

Our approach to providing the right wellbeing snacks includes using the right ingredients, expanding our portfolio of snacks to deliver on this promise and encouraging portion control. 

Nutrition Profile

While we’re experts in taste, we’re also experts in the nutritional science behind our products. We’re always looking at our full lineup of snacks to evaluate and improve their nutrition. As such, we're removing what people don’t want and adding more of what they do want. We're taking out sodium, saturated fat and trans fat. We're adding more whole grains to our brands. And we're developing lower sugar options to help consumers manage their sugar intake.

More Options

With guidance from outside nutrition experts, we made it our goal to add snack options with an improved nutritional profile that meet a strict set of category-specific nutrition criteria.

Portion Control

Snacking makes every day a little better, and people don’t want to choose between snacking and eating right. We believe in offering the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way. This way, consumers don’t have to choose between enjoying a snack and being mindful of portions. We offer satisfying portion-controlled snack options that are less than 200 calories per serving, individually wrapped and meet our baseline nutrition criteria.


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