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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Functional food is a key area we're looking to expand on by delivering snackable products focusing on gut health – something that does not exist today.

That's why we're investing in Uplift Food, an early-stage start-up in the United States focused on prebiotic functional foods. This was the first venture investment made as part of SnacksFutures, our innovation and venture hub focused on unlocking snacking growth and opportunities across the globe.

As part of the collaboration, the SnackFutures team works with Uplift Food to make gut health more understandable, accessible and enjoyable through the development of new flavors and forms. Our partnership also involves providing support in the areas of marketing, research and development, distribution, and sourcing.

As a result of the partnership, Uplift Food recently launched Gut Happy Cookies. A first of its kind, this functional snack focused on gut health provides a dose of prebiotics and probiotics in certified organic sandwich cookies. These plant-based, grain-free and keto-friendly cookies are high in fiber and contain eight grams of protein per serving.

With this product, Uplift's goal is to make consumers feel inspired, invigorated, unstoppable and uplifted by using the quality and health ingredients the gut needs. Learn more and view the products from Uplift Food here.


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