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Sweetening Supply Procurement

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Mark Dady, SVP and Chief Procurement Officer, shares how our Procurement teams are adopting a new model to improve margins and increase investment.

Sweetening Supply Procurement

Our Procurement teams are responsible for delivering great value for Mondelēz International through honest, ethical and fair business dealings. They do this by growing margins, driving innovation, improving quality and assuring supply.

Procurement professionals are key to propelling us to become a global snacking powerhouse by winning supplier partnerships and effectively managing spend.

The Procurement function is being transformed to increase capability and replace complexity with simplicity. It’s recently adopted a new operating model, with one winning team supporting five regional P&Ls (Categories, Spend Areas, Commodities Price & Risk Management, Operations, and Strategy & Capability).

Mark Dady, SVP and Chief Procurement Officer, has been instrumental in this reorganization. Mark graduated from the University of Warwick with a BA in Economics and Politics, and held roles at Tesco (Senior Buying Controller) and PepsiCo (Senior VP of Procurement) before joining us as VP of Procurement, then progressed to his current role.

When asked what fascinated him about procurement, Mark replied: “It’s big and impactful! Up to 70% of a company’s revenues can be spent on the materials and services needed to run the business. Good procurement is buying the same stuff as our competitors, but a little cheaper. Great procurement, however, is buying something that’s different, something that consumers crave and our competitors can’t get.”

And what does Mark appreciate most about Procurement’s key role at Mondelēz International? “We believe in the value of a top procurement team. What we bring to the table is welcomed with open arms and it’s integral to the company’s exciting vision. As we’ve transformed and become a globally connected team here, specializing in five key areas, we’ve been able to give hundreds of people exciting new roles in which they have grown as leaders at an accelerated pace.”