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A common aspirational path towards sustainable food systems

Monday, July 05, 2021

Mondelēz International has signed the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices making a firm commitment to contributing to the transformation of the food systems in which it operates.

As one of the first deliverables of the European Commission’s Farm to Fork Strategy, the Code of Conduct is an integral part of its action plan, setting out the actions that all actors ‘between the farm and the fork’ can voluntarily commit to undertake to tangibly improve and communicate their sustainability and well-being performance.

By signing the Code, Mondelēz International reinforced its commitments to several aspirational objectives such as:

  • healthy, balanced and sustainable diets for all European consumers;
  • climate neutral food chain in Europe by 2050;
  • optimized circular and resource-efficient food chain in Europe;
  • sustainable value creation in the European food supply chain through partnership;
  • sustainable sourcing in food supply chains.

Further details of Mondelēz International’s commitments can be found here.

Vince Gruber, EVP & President Europe, Mondelēz International, commented: “We are proud to be signatories to the EU Code of Conduct and to contribute to the aspirations in this Code in support of the path towards sustainable food systems. This is what guides and galvanizes us, and how we live up to our Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities. It provides an important opportunity to reinforce the important work we are already doing in this space through initiatives such as Mindful Snacking, Harmony and Cocoa Life”.

While Mondelēz International and other food companies operating in the EU are already actively engaged in the sustainability transition and have made tangible progress, the European Commission’s goal is to make food systems sustainable. This will bring further environmental, health and social benefits as well as offering economic gains and ensuring that the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic puts citizens and food companies onto a sustainable path. This shift cannot take place without all major actors in the food system coming together. It is in this spirit that Mondelēz International and many peer companies have committed to this voluntary Code and are supporting the relevant aspirations set towards sustainable food systems.