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Navigating a first-ever store launch during COVID-19

Monday, August 17, 2020

To celebrate 35 years of fun and flavor, the SOUR PATCH KIDS® brand has set aside its usual tricks and opened the doors to the first-ever SOUR PATCH KIDS store in New York City! Nestled between New York University's Washington Square campus and SoHo Shopping district, Bond Street and Broadway has transformed into the sweetest corner of the city with all the color and flavor you'd expect from the SOUR PATCH KIDS brand. And the best news yet? This isn't a pop-up. This location is now the new permanent home of SOUR PATCH KIDS

As with many things in 2020, the SOUR PATCH KIDS Store was put on hold earlier this year due to COVID-19. Originally slated to open in April, the team re-evaluated how to maintain the essence of this unique consumer experience, while considering the health and safety of everyone involved. 

"After several months of consideration and planning for how to open safely, we are so excited to finally bring the SOUR PATCH KIDS Store to life," said Danielle Freid, SOUR PATCH KIDS Brand Manager. "No one could have anticipated the COVID-19 situation, or the challenges that came with it, but our team remained incredibly agile and devoted to creating the one-of-a-kind experience we always imagined for the brand. We are proud to provide this much-needed fun outlet for our consumers during these challenging times."

Visitors have a chance to create their own candy mix with their favorite SPK candy varieties, pose with the Kids in a social media-worthy full-size yellow taxi, buy limited-edition merchandise, and experience the SOUR PATCH KIDS Sweets Bar, where chefs have reimagined classic desserts and put a sour-then-sweet spin on treats like smoothies, ice cream, cookies and more.

While the SOUR PATCH KIDS may like pranks, visitors' safety is no joke. For now, the SOUR PATCH KIDS Store has taken precautions including lowering its maximum capacity to allow enough room for social distancing, and requiring all visitors to wear face coverings. Additionally, the Sweets Bar features a to-go menu until indoor dining is permitted. Anyone not able to visit the store in person can visit sourpatchkids.com to create their very own SOUR PATCH KIDS mix, personalize their pack and ship it directly to their front door (US only).