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Sunday, May 05, 2019

Practicing mindful snacking for a more satisfying experience

Whether it’s to relieve hunger, satisfy a craving, or to pass time, people snack for a variety of reasons. In fact, most eating decisions aren’t driven by hunger, but by emotions such as boredom or stress. That type of mindless snacking can leave you feeling unsatisfied and lead to overeating.

As the world’s largest snacking company, we have an important role in empowering consumers to snack mindfully. Mindful snacking is an approach rooted in the latest nutrition and behavioral science that encourages eating with intention and full attention. Studies show mindful snacking leads to a more positive relationship with food and to feeling more satisfied.

Mindful snacking isn’t about good or bad food. It’s about taking a moment to tune into your body to determine what your body needs and what’s going to make you feel satisfied. You might need a bite-sized, sweet treat or a nutritional boost.

Therefore, as a company, our goal is to offer a variety of snacks in different sizes, made with ingredients you know and trust, and provide clear and simple nutrition information so you can select the right snack for the right moment.

We’re on a mission to redesign the experience of snacking by:

  • Evolving our portfolio: Renovating the nutrition and ingredient profile of our bestselling brands, growing our well-being brands faster and innovating snacks for the future
  • Inspiring mindful snacking habits: Creating more enjoyable snacking experiences by investing in and expanding portion control options, as well as providing information and tools to support mindful snacking habits
  • Mobilizing innovative partnerships: Improving the well-being of people and communities through partnerships with community organizations, colleagues and other stakeholders

Learn more about mindful snacking so you can achieve a more satisfying snacking experience.


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