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Coming back to work may be overwhelming, take your time

Olga, people lead and working mom

Monday, July 17, 2023

Meet Olga, who is the People Lead for the commercial and sales functions and privately is a fulfilled mum. She shares her career journey and balancing work life as a mum with us.

How did your ‘adventure’ with MDLZ begin?  

It began almost 8 years ago. Time flies! Networking is a particularly important part of career building; I was not actively looking for new opportunities. I heard about the recruitment process from my colleague at work. A company with big brands, a role with regional scope, culture where people development is one of core values- perfect combination. I remember clearly when I had my assessment day, the room and all the details. As it occurred, this day defined the next 8 years of my professional life. Since we spend 2/3 of our time awake at work it defined a much larger part of my life.

What do you do in your current position?

I actively listen and talk to people. This is the most meaningful part of my role; I can be close to the teams I work with. On daily basis I support sales & marketing teams in Poland. As people leads, we are responsible for talent management, succession planning, HR processes & programs, daily coaching, counselling. There is also room for creativity in numerous projects & initiatives. The most rewarding part of my role is when the team you work with says they trust you, 

What has helped you to become a successful working mom?

Time. Becoming a mom and moreover becoming a working mom is a new situation. Then becoming a working mom of 2. That is another level of complexity. It takes time to adapt to a new situation, to new planning.

What is most important is that it takes time to change our mindset. You have new priorities; you also have a lot of potential “ad hocs” beyond work. You need to give yourself time to accept your new reality. Another key factor is support. Both at home and at work. I have a manager I trust, and I know it works both ways. A manager I can be fully transparent with.

I can also be open with the teams I work with. Speaking openly about your priorities helps.  

Olga with her baby in a field

Has motherhood changed your perspective on your professional life?

Definitely. Your professional life is a large part of your time, as I mentioned we spend around 90 000 hours at work during our lifetime.

It is great if you can shape it in a way that your daily work, your longer-term professional vision is in line with your life goals.

What "mom superpowers" are also useful in your daily work?

Dealing with ambiguity 😉 there are things you cannot plan in motherhood. And there is no time for procrastination. It is the immediate time for action.

Time management, stress management, conflict management, giving & receiving feedback, communication, active listening… I can go on multitasking… I still wonder if such thing exists 

What advice would you give to moms who want to return to work?

Take your time. Coming back to work may be overwhelming. It is also important to think about yourself. Reflect on how you feel, how you felt this week. Ask yourself, is the current working model & planning best for you and your family or do you need to adjust it slightly to your priorities?

What keeps you motivated daily?

In one word: people. My family and people I work with. We work in a hybrid world but for me the opportunity to meet with people face to face is always of great value.