Our Dual Students Program

At Mondelēz International we care a great deal about developing our people. One of our campaigns is known as the Dual Students program which we offer in conjunction with the Hamburg school of Business Administration (HSBA). Students will be able to share their time between doing practical work in Bremen and studying theory in Hamburg. This program enables you to take the first steps into a new career – while at the same time working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. We spoke with three of our colleagues who have either completed or are active in the program – Rune, Arne and Maximilian.

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Our Dual Students Program

Rune Tjark Rose is an employee at our site in Bremen, Germany. He started with us an apprentice before joining the Dual Students program in 2015. He let us know what he thought about the Dual Students program.

What I like most about the program is the fact that I am responsible for my own projects and this feels like they really trust me. I enjoy this kind of work especially because it comes with good development opportunities and nice colleagues.

Once you have finished school the world throws many options at you, and it can be difficulty to decide which path is the right one for you. Many business and universities will compete for your attention – all of them offering amazing opportunities for learning and development – as well as potentially launching you onto an exciting career path. For Rune – the choice was made simple.

When I was deciding what the next step I was going to take was - I knew I wanted to join Mondelez International because it is a global company with inspiring brands that has a great reputation and it seemed like it had a great corporate culture.

Our Dual Students Program

Mondelēz Internationals structure allows you to get real experience in multiple functions throughout the business. Employees are encouraged to explore as much of the business as possible – experiencing each piece of the puzzle to get a better understanding of the whole. This was the experience of one of our Sales team members – Arne Sense - who completed the Dual Students Program recently.

I got the chance to work in Consumer Marketing, Key Account Management, Field Force and Trade Marketing. The best one was the Field Force, because it was something completely different to the daily office routine. Being on the field was pretty helpful for me. Most of my time I spent in Trade Marketing and I was involved in a lot of projects. That was a truly great experience

Looking back after completing the program – Arne told us what his favorite experience was.

My highlight was the national sales conference. The preparations are always very intensive. I had to coordinate a lot of things. Presenting and seeing the results on that day was such a good feeling and in the evening you celebrate with the whole business team. Another highlight is to see promotions in stores, on which you’ve worked on.

Our Dual Students Program

Maximilian Eismann is currently part of our dual students program in Bremen and is just about to write his bachelor’s thesis. We asked him what he felt were the advantages of the Mondelēz International Dual Students program?

The benefit is the combination between exploring theoretical principles at the University and comparing with the practical experiences at work. Also the possibility to build a network within the company and the deep dive into project driven working. Most important for me is the fact that I have the great opportunity not to start from scratch (after leaving as a Bachelor from University), while having the chance to learn simultaneously at work.

Do you feel like you could be like Rune, Maximilian & Arne? If you have an interest in sales, marketing and business you should join our dual student program today. You will get the opportunity to work with delicious products that you know and love - and you will take on real responsibility within our German business. Sound good?