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Vinitha shares her insights on having an enriching career.

“As I look back, it’s been over two decades for my professional journey, but it feels like it all just started yesterday!”


Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Working in the service industry in the initial years of my career has made me understand the importance of customers – how our actions and decisions have to be customer-centric in every stage of the operations. Being a keen learner, I never restricted myself to a specific industry, I have been fortunate enough to be associated with organizations dealing with totally different products – air cargo, ocean cargo and now food, it enabled me to understand and learn a variety of products and services. It also helped me become agile and not fear the unknown! If you are willing to learn and have the right attitude – nothing is impossible. There are sure to be ups and downs, but your positivity will keep you focused and push you towards your goal.

It certainly is not an easy ride, especially when you are a working mother. Balancing home and work was another aspect that took some time. It would not have been possible without the support from my family – especially my mother – who is a strong-willed lady and keeps reminding me the importance of financial independence and personal growth!


I started my journey with Mondelēz International in India at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sricity, Andhra Pradesh. This stint was a life-changing experience for me! The Sricity factory proved that with the right vision and goal, achieving 50% + diversity is not a difficult task. And even in a diverse environment, work practices don’t require compromises based on gender for goals to be achieved– the machine does not know who is operating it – all it needs is a skilled technician!

In my current role associated with our North Branch (Sales), being the only woman in the team has never been an obstacle. As an evolved organization, there is a level of maturity that has left no space for differential treatment! I feel equally challenged and encouraged to move forward! The flexible policies, the unconstrained environment, hugely supportive colleagues and seniors are all partners to my growth.

A message from me to all the ambitious and passionate young professionals – keep exploring, step out of your comfort zones, don’t let any obstacle put out your fire. Never hesitate to explore, and march with all you have towards your goal! The environment WILL adapt to your journey.